Construction of Railways, Bridges and Transport Tunnels (Railway Engineering and Construction) in Russian University of Transport


Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Institute of Track, Construction and Structures, Department of Railway Engineering and Construction

Specialist's program


SHEPITKO Taisiia Vasilevna

Director of the Institute


SPIRIDONOV Ernst Serafimovich

Head of the Department

Achievements and awards. The degree-granting departments (the Department of Track and Track Facilities, the Department of Bridges, the Department of Underground Structures) were often highly rated for high quality of training, which is confirmed by numerous diplomas, certificates and certificates of appreciation awarded to students who win Moscow city interuniversity and all-Russian olympiads in theoretical mechanics and strength of materials. The textbook "Railway Engineering Management. Methods, Principles, Efficiency" (written by Professors E.S. Spiridonov and T.V. Shepitko) was awarded a laureate diploma of the international congress expo “Global Education—Education Without Borders 2010.”

Facilities and resources. The university has the following facilities: a computer park, a research cryogenic laboratory, a track testing laboratory, a bridge testing laboratory, a geological museum, a centrifuge (physical simulation), a library, a lecture hall equipped with multimedia visualization tools and an interactive board, a computer classroom with the Robur advanced software for road design, the CAD-systems for overall track repair, the Ferrovia software system for designing new railways and highways (the educational version).

Research. There are seven scientific schools that work in the following areas: design of transport facilities; construction of railways and engineering structures (bridges, tunnels), in particular, in the North (in the cryolithic zone), optimization of design and technology solutions, improvement of railway reliability including organizational and technological reliability and risks; railway track diagnostic systems, etc.

Education. Students undertake work placement at railway directorates and departments, permanent way divisions of the Russian Railways Company, at design organizations, laboratories of research institutions, on construction trains and in construction trusts, in bridge construction crews and at tunnel construction departments. Students are involved in implementing production goals, acquiring skills of running maintenance of transport facilities, their design, construction, reconstruction, surveillance and monitoring, 82-86% of them join the staff and get salary.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with numerous transportation, engineering and construction companies such as Moselektrotyagstroy, Inzhtransstroy, the SGK Transstroy Yamal construction company, Railway Research Institute (VNIIZHT JSC), Scientific Research Institute of Transport Construction (TSNIIS JSC), Proekttransstroy, etc.

Competitive advantages. The specialist degree is recognized worldwide. (M.A. Dulebenets, who graduated in 2012, undertook a Master's degree at University of Memphis (USA), E.I. Kosukhina, who also graduated in 2012, entered a PhD program in Germany (Dresden University of Technology)).

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