Railway Rolling Stock in Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University


Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University

Faculty of Transport and Energy Systems

Specialist's program


CHUIAN, Sergei Nikolaevich


Achievements and awards. Graduates are employed as heads of enterprises and organizations such as: the Russian Railways company, High-Speed Rail Lines JSC. Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University is a laureate of the international exhibition “GLOBAL EDUCATION – EDUCATION WITHOUT BORDERS,” and the winner of the international grant “The freight train of the future.”

Teaching staff. The program is implemented by over 120 teachers (over 75% have an academic degree) including members of expert, coordination, science and technology councils under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Railways company, public chambers, heads and specialists of the All-Union Research and Development Center for Transport Technology, Railway Research Institute (VNIIZHT JSC), and other research organizations.

Facilities and resources. There are 22 research laboratories, nine testing centers and two innovative enterprises; the laboratory "Microprocessor-based control systems for electric rolling stock" is fitted with equipment supplied by National Instruments, the world software leader. Research activities. The main research areas include the choice of technical and economic parameters and a cost-effectiveness rationale for innovative train carriages; the development of innovative rolling stock and technologies based on magnetic levitation. The university participates in the projects: “The high-speed passenger and freight railway corridor “Eurasia;” “The Moscow — Kazan High-Speed Railway,” and others.

Education. The university applies state-of-the-art digital technologies such as Solidworks, Medyna, virtual textbooks, laboratory works, and many other things. It offers supplementary education programs andorganizes author's classes conducted by top companies.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities, over 400 enterprises: Siemens AG, National Instruments, the Russian Railways company, etc.

International projects and programs. The university participated in the Eltrans symposium; the Maglev/Innotrans conference (Berlin). It has agreements with 70 countries (the European Diploma Supplement, double degree programs, study abroad placements, participation in the Erasmus+ program).

Competitive advantages. The university boasts two hundred and nine years of educational traditions. There are eight student accommodation blocks, a gym, a swimming pool, a clinic and a geological facility. Students can join specialized sports clubs (sports games, hockey, rugby, cheerleading, etc.),artistic collectives, The Club of the Funny and Inventive (the KVN), student production brigades and attend the fine arts studio and take an active part in volunteering activities. The best students receive financial assistance: enhanced scholarships, grants, etc. Over 95% of students undertake internships and get employed at the leading enterprises of the sector. Accompanying of foreign students and teachers. The university provides pre-university training for foreign citizens (applicants), organizes summer/winter schools.

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