Technology of Transport Processes in Industrial University of Tyumen



Department of Operation of Motor Vehicles

Bachelor's program


CHAINIKOV Denis Anatolevich

Program Director

Achievements and awards. Students are holders of scientific grants (Open interregional accelerator of innovative projects "Big Intelligence," the SmartCity workshop). They also participate in the contest of grants for scientific developments and projects aimed at  developing Industrial University of Tyumen.

Teaching staff. Bachelors are trained in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management major. Forty-one teachers have an academic degree. The teaching staff includes five Doctors of Sciences and 36 Candidates of Sciences. The teachers regularly improve their qualification in different ways.

Facilities and resources. The educational process is supported with a sufficient number of well-equipped classrooms for all kinds of classroom studies. The laboratory of transport modeling (for creating city transportation models, for modeling road traffic, traffic light performance, pedestrian traffic, etc.) has specialized software packages such as PTV VISUM, VISSIM, VISTRO, VISWALK. Students study simulation modeling on the Anylogic single platform.

Research. The main research areas include the following: unmanned technologies in logistics; creation of city freight frames; road traffic modeling in big cities.

Education. The teachers actively use interactive forms of teaching, offer individual educational paths for students taking into account their individual peculiarities. Students are involved in project activities by order of the university's industrial partners. In 2017-2019 the following projects were implemented: "Waste Search and Elimination in Customer Service Using Lean Production Methods," "Bicycle Traffic Development through Bikesharing and Prospects of its Impact on City Logistics of Tyumen," "Traffic Management Improvement at Transport Infrastructure Facilities of Tyumen Using Future-Oriented Technologies V2V," "Charging Infrastructure Improvement for the Development of Electric Transport in Tyumen," "Album of Step-Ahead Solutions for Road Traffic Management." The projects were ordered by the enterprises and organizations of Tyumen as well as the City Administration. Students start interacting with potential employers during the implementation of the projects.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the Chief Directorate of Construction of the Tyumen Region, the Avtograd car dealer, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences - XAMK.

International projects and programs. The university implements the double degree program in cooperation with South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences - XAMK.

Competitive advantages. Specialists in this field are in great demand on the labor market.

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