Information and Communication Technology and Communication Systems in North-Caucasus Federal University


North-Caucasus Federal University

Department of Infocommunications

Bachelor's program


LINETS Gennadii Ivanovich

Head of the Department

Awards and achievements. The program successfully underwent professional-public accreditation carried out by the Association for Engineering Education in Russia in 2015.

Teaching staff. The academic degree holders ratio is 79%. Eighteen percent of the teaching staff are Doctors of Science. The teaching process also involves representatives of the real sectors of economy such as research institutes and important private companies specializing in infocommunications and IT.

Facilities and resources. The university has specialized laboratories with state-of-the-art training and scientific equipment for effective learning: the laboratories of electronics and circuit engineering of telecommunications equipment, basics of generation of infocommunication systems and communication networks, development of National Instruments virtual devices, computer engineering and information technologies. In cooperation with the Aelek equipment supplier, the university established the academic laboratory "The Art of Circuit Engineering and Creativity of Comprehensive Competencies (ISTOK)."

Research. The main area of research is the development and improvement of state-of-the-art information and telecommunication systems. The promising research areas include the following: optimization of topological structures and methods of multiservice and communication networks management; improvement of information and communication networks and services management processes. The department is the winner of the Federal Targeted Program "Research and Development in the Priority Areas of Development of the Russian Scientific and Technological Complex for 2014-2020."

Education. Training is provided using both traditional education models developing professional knowledge and skills and innovative models aimed at student's personality development.

Strategic partners. Students undertake work placement at the Stavropol branch of Rostelecom, Telecom-S, the Vimpelcom Stavropol cluster, Stilsoft Group, the OmegaServiceCenter, and other enterprises. In 2016 the Department of Infocommunications established the specialized Department of Communications-S in cooperation with the enterprise Telecom-S.

International projects and programs. In 2012-2016 the department participated in the joint European Tempus project "Green-Co."

Competitive advantages. The teaching staff of the department and visiting specialists have wide practical experience in design, operation and maintenance of state-of-the-art telecommunications systems.

The Department of Infocommunications also has unique training and research laboratory equipment manufactured by National Instruments (USA) and UchTech (Chelyabinsk, the Russian Federation), which allows students to acquire sufficient practical skills of operation and maintenance of state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment.

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