Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University. Acquaintance

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Specialist’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s programs
PhD programs (12 majors)
students, including 279 international students
employed graduates

Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University is the only pedagogical university in the Far East of Russia. The university successfully trains specialists for various economy segments such as education, science, business, sports, management.


  • History and Philology
  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Natural Science and Geography
  • Foreign Languages
  • Primary Education
  • Industry and Pedagogy
  • Physical Education and Sport
  • Psychology and Pedagogy
  • International Students

Students can apply for state-funded places to study for free, in particular, within the Russian Government quotas.

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Tuition fees per year

41,610 – 160,400 RUB

International cooperation

14 universities of Europe, Asia, America

  • Chinese-Russian Union of Pedagogical Higher Education Institutions
  • Association of Universities of the Far East and Siberia of Russia and Northeastern Provinces of China
  • Partner universities network of the French Embassy in Russia 
  • Confucius Institutes’ Global Network

Russian-Chinese Research and Education Center Confucius Institute

  • > 200 attendees
  • Chinese language and culture classes

Geography of students

Most international students are Chinese citizens, given the geographic proximity of Blagoveshchensk to the Russian-Chinese border.

The university enrolls students from CIS countries,  China,  South Korea,  Belgium,  Indonesia,  Italy,  Vietnam.

Master’s degree

  • Full-time, part-time, extramural forms of study 
  • Creative self-fulfillment in research
  • Scholarship for government-funded students, dormitory accommodation, concessionary passes
  • Teachers are highly qualified specialists. Among them are Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, members of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Union of Designers of Russia 
  • Graduation theses are done by orders of enterprises, organizations, and private persons


An outstanding feature of the university location is its proximity to China.

Just 700 meters across the Amur River there is the Chinese city of Heihe. The automobile bridge connecting Russia and China was built in 2020, and the cableway between the two cities will be ready by 2024.

You can get to the city by train, car, or plane. There is also a ferry boat in summer and a bus across the pontoon bridge in winter between the cities.


  • 5 educational buildings 
  • 4 dormitories
  • Interfaculty Technopark of Universal Pedagogical Competencies
  • Sports and recreation camp
  • Agrobiostation
  • Museum complex
  • Observatory

Faculty of International Students

> 20 experienced teachers, including 12 Candidates of Sciences and 1 Doctor of Sciences

> 200 students and attendees every year

Fields of study

  • Philology, major: Russian Language and Cross-Cultural Communication, Bachelor’s program
  • Pedagogical Education, major: Linguistic Education, Master’s program

Preparatory courses, 1 year 

Summer and winter study placements

Olga Zalesskaya
Dean of the Faculty. Doctor of Historical Sciences
+7 4162 77-21-18

How to enter

  • Fill in the appliсation form
  • Pass an entrance exam for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs
  • Applicants are admitted to preparatory courses without exams

Graduates work as

  • Teachers of Russian as a foreign language
  • Translators and interpreters 
  • Guides


  • Annual Russian Language Week
  • International tutorial workshop on technologies and methodologies of teaching Russian as a foreign language 
  • Competition in Russian as a foreign language for students of universities of Northeastern China and the Far East of Russia "Russian Speech is Like Music to Me"
  • International student brigade "Ivan and Van"
  • Student scientific society for compiling student’s Russian-Chinese dictionary Education Vocabulary 
  • Student scientific society for studying P. Komarov’s works
  • Pamyat (Memory) search party

Faculty of Industry and Pedagogy

  • Department of Visual Arts and Methodology of Teaching Visual Arts
  • Department of Economics, Management and Technology

Teaching skill competition

Students study in specially equipped classrooms, training workshop rooms, and computer classrooms

Natalia Slesarenko
Head of the Department
+7 4162 42-41-95

Our faculty offers you to:

  • attend classes conducted by creative teachers, top-notch specialists in economics, product manufacturing technology, painting, drawing, graphic art, and decorative and applied arts, artistic product design. Classes are conducted in specialized classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment 
  • work in a cozy atmosphere of a separate building, where every corner is an exhibition of students’ achievements in miniature: masterpiece paintings, graphic compositions, furniture and designer clothing, accessories and ornaments, home decor items. You will learn how to create all this yourself
  • take part in international and all-Russian professional skill competitions, competitions and exhibitions of ice sculptures, decorative and applied arts, the festival for young designers "Magic of Fashion"
  • combine teaching with artistic activities as a painter, graphic artist, sculptor of monuments, designer, stage designer, fashion designer, entrepreneur
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