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The leading research university in Eastern Siberia. It trains highly qualified personnel for the defense industry, oil and power industries, specialists in the field of mechatronics, robotics, geoinformatics and geophysics, aviation mechanical engineering and transport, telecommunications technologies, environmental engineering, international business, and many other sectors.

Founded in 1930.

The university is ranked among TOP 20 best Russian universities by IT graduate salary. 50% of heads of Eastern Siberia’s leading companies are INRTU graduates.

Tuition fees per year

Russian-taught programs:
Bachelor’s programs 1,800 — 2,600 USD
Specialist’s programs 1,800 — 2,600 USD
Master’s programs 1,800 — 2,500 USD

English-taught programs:
Bachelor’s programs 2,100 — 3,100 USD
Master’s programs 2,500 — 3,200 USD

The campus, 19 dormitories, the health care center

The School of BRICS – high-quality Englishlanguage education in Eastern Siberia

The training and simulation center for oil and gas engineering, the Baikal Nanotechnology Center, the technopark with a business incubator

Over 40 special interest clubs (creativity, culture, science, sports, and student brigades)

Le Hong Quang, Vietnam

A postgraduate student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials. Being an INRTU student, he became a prize-winner of the All-Russian Mathematics Olympiad. He is a holder of three patents for inventions of the Russian Federation, the author of over 20 scientific papers, the winner of the Competition of research projects implemented by young researchers under the supervision of Candidates and Doctors of Sciences at scientific institutions of the Russian Federation.


  • Three innovative projects of INRTU researchers won the Russian final of the Alibaba God’s Battle Maker 2019 international competition
  • INRTU students won six grants in the amount of around 6 million rubles at the Baikal Youth Forum
  • Creation of the environment-friendly and competitive technology of extracting noble and non-ferrous metals from refractory ores of the Bereznyaki field in the Southern Urals
  • Development and introduction of a suite of high-performance technologies of design, design, and engineering preparation and manufacturing of the MC-21 aircraft

Russian-Chinese expedition “Baikal is a pearl of the world” with the participation of students and teachers

Participants visit breathtaking places in the Baikal region such as the shore and waters of the Small Sea, Tazheran Steppe and Olkhon Island, study unique diversity of geological and structural conditions, relief and landscapes, ancient tectonics, geophysical processes, flora and fauna of the region.

International intellectual competition “Future Leaders of Eurasia”

The university holds the annual International Intellectual Competition “Future Leaders of Eurasia” for 11-12th graders from Mongolia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and Russia. The first prize is a full-tuition scholarship for English-taught Bachelor’s programs.

Yondon Gelengiyn, Mongolia

A graduate of the Department of Mine Survey and Engineering Geodesy. He graduated from Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute in 1991. In 2002, he successfully defended his Candidate’s thesis. He held senior positions at Mongolrostsvetmet, the joint Russian-Mongolian enterprise. In 2017, G. Yondon became the head of the representative office of Erdenet Mining Corporation in Ulan Bator. In 2020, he took up the position of Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia.

Double degree programs

Bachelor’s programs

Sustainable Innovative Economics

  • Shandong University, China

Master’s programs

Renewable Energy

  • Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland

Digital Technologies, Networks and Big Data

  • Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mongolia

Russian-taught program

MBA: Economics and Management in International Business

  • Belarus State Economic University, Belarus
secondary vocational education programs
bachelor’s programs
master’s programs
specialist’s programs
postgraduate programs
faculty members and scientists

English-Taught Programs

Bachelor's programs

  • Ecology and Environmental Protection (Ecology Engineering and Pure Energy)
  • Sustainable Innovative Economics
  • International Business
  • Journalism and Communication
  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
  • Power Electrical Engineering
  • Finance and Taxation

Master's programs

  • Digital Technologies, Networks and Big Data
  • Enterprise and Business Information Systems
  • Global Management and Leadership
  • Digital Power Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
  • Water Resources Management
  • Specialized Translation (Russian and Chinese languages)

Baikal school of BRICS

Baikal School of BRICS is a new school within INRTU launched in 2017.

  • English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programs: studying in multinational groups under the guidance of leading teachers from Russia, Australia, the USA, China, Germany, India, Iran, and other countries
  • Double degrees, European Diploma Supplement
  • Masterclasses and business workshops from outstanding Russian and foreign professors and practicing experts
  • Immersion in the English-speaking environment, supplementary courses, internships abroad

Russian As A Foreign Language

The supplementary general education program "Russian language" at the Department of Humanities of Baikal School of BRICS

  • Pre-university training for foreign citizens in the Russian language and general education disciplines (three areas of study: engineering, humanities, economics)
  • Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL)
  • Russian language club

Duration of study 10 months

Tuition fee 75,000 RUB ≈ 1,150 USD

Boldsaikhan Nomin, Mongolia

I think that studying abroad helps students acquire a lot of useful skills. I chose the double degree Bachelor’s program (2+2) in Sustainable Innovative Economics. It is implemented in cooperation with Shandong University, one of the leading Chinese universities. I will study economics for 2 years at INRTU and for 2 years in China. I hope that my degree obtained in Russia will help me find a good job.

Mafina Cindy Kelvin, Congo

I'm pursuing the Bachelor’s program in Journalism and Communication. I’ve always wanted to work in the TV industry as a TV hostess or a media manager.

INRTU has its own TV channel. It’s always interesting to be here. In the third year, I’ll be able to study abroad for a semester at any partner university that I’ll choose myself. And I don't have to pay extra for this.

Department of Education Export and International Olympiads

+7 395 240-52-15
+7 902 5-430-992, +7 902 5-430-941 WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram

Dean of Baikal School of BRICS, Vice-President for International Affairs at INRTU

Dmitry A. Savkin
+7 395 240-50-50

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