HEI’s image. The Institute of Physical Education and Judo of Adyghe State University is a unique structure of higher education both in Russia and around the world. Among graduates of the Institute, there are Olympic champions and prize winners in judo and shooting, world champions in sambo and judo, champions of Europe in judo, sambo, weightlifting, track and field, shooting, dozens of world-class athletes and masters of sports of the USSR and Russia. Graduates of the Institute worked as coaches of national teams in various sports both in Russia and abroad.

Programme presentation. Training of future Bachelors and Masters is carried out in a specialized sports complex including sport halls for gymnastics, weightlifting, wrestling and sport games. There is a research laboratory of biomechanics with special equipment and training machines, created and patented by the teachers. Cooperation is maintained with specialized departments of Kuban University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (Krasnodar), Russian University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism (Moscow), North-Caucasus Federal University (Stavropol), etc.

Teaching staff. Education is carried out by highly qualified teachers-coaches, including five Doctors and 27 Candidates of Sciences. There are postgraduate and doctorate programmes and a Dissertation Council. The teachers annually undergo professional development in leading Russian HEIs.

Competitiveness of students. High level of theoretical and practical training of students allows them to successfully realize their potential both in sports and research: students take part in sport competitions and regional and international research conferences. This helps the graduates to be demanded in the sphere of social and cultural (sport and educational, health and fitness and recreational) services.

Interaction with employers. The Institute has concluded agreements with potential employers on cooperation in the sphere of general and further education. In cooperation with employers, the Institute develops joint curricula and working programmes, organizes placement for work experience and pre-degree practice, supervises course and graduation papers and conducts educational events.