Best Educational Programs: HISTORY


Faculty of History, Philosophy and Arts

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Master’s programme

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KRYUCHKOV, Igor Vladimirovich



HEI’s image. Graduates-historians of NCFU are qualified specialists, demanded inˇ public and municipal authorities, museums, archives and educational institutions, companies of tourist infrastructure of the Stavropol Region, the Northern Caucasus and Russia as a whole.

Programme presentation. The quality of the educational process is provided by resources and using interactive forms of training. All students have access to research and educational and methodological literature as well as to e-learning resources.

The Major Departments in this area of training are the Department of Archaeology and General History, and the Department of the Russian History. The teachers in the specialized disciplines have academic degrees and titles. Educational activity is highly appraised by the academic and professional community of national and foreign historians, which is evidenced by numerous awards, certificates and participation in international projects.

Active contacts are maintained with domestic and foreign HEIs which deliver historic education, for instance, KaposvarUniversity (Hungary), KharkovNationalUniversity (Ukraine) and others.

North-Caucasus Federal University offers two more best educational programs in the field of Humanities:

LAW - Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, Postgraduate program

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, Postgraduate program

Competitiveness of students. The average passing grade of the applicants for state-funded places in the Unified State Exam is 225.

Future historians are placed for work experience in the leading Russian and international research and educational centres and participate successfully in professional contests. Every year the students obtain scholarships of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, the Governor of the Stavropol Region and Potanin Fund.

Interaction with employers. The educational programme is approved and reviewed byˇ the regional employers. The programme’s development involved the leading teachers of educational institutions and the staff of the archives and museums of Stavropol. Every year the University in cooperation with partner employers carries out research conferences, roundtable discussions, regional and municipal Olympiads. The employers high-light the high level of professional competencies’ mastered by the graduates.