Best Educational Programs: LINGUISTICS


Institute of Foreign Languages

Bachelor’s programme


ISTIKHOVSKAYA, Marina Dmitrievna

Rector of SyktSU


Programme presentation. Linguistics is a classical area of training, which allows obtaining fundamental education in the theory of English and a second language (Deutsch or Finnish), theory and practice of intercultural communication and translation.

Much attention is paid to the use of innovative technologies: work in computer class-rooms with audio and video materials, multimedia software and simulators, e-textbooks and laboratory classes. Teachers actively implement project methods, problem solving, individual and team work, case studies, etc.

Syktyvkar State University offers two more best educational programs in the field of Humanities:

LAW - Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, Postgraduate program

CULTUROLOGY - Bachelor’s program, Master’s program

Teaching staff. The educational process is carried out by qualified staff, most of which are Candidates and Doctors of Sciences. Many teachers underwent professional development in foreign languages and methodology of teaching in MoscowStateUniversity, St. PetersburgStateUniversity, Institute of Foreign Languages of Academy of Economics and Finance as well as within the USA programme “International Visitors Leadership pro-gram” and others. The Department has a republican association of teachers in English and international school ACCESS. The teachers have developed new teaching methods and participate in various conferences. The Department conducts the international conference “Multicultural world: problem of understanding” on a regular basis.

Competitiveness of students. The students are actively involved in research, conferences, Olympiads, phonetic and creative contests, development and implementation of language projects. During their work experience they are involved in work with foreigners, organization and participation in international seminars and conferences as translators and volunteers. Students learn the culture and history of the Komi Region, prepare and carry out excursions in English in Syktyvkar and participate in international programmes and projects.

Interaction with employers. Regional companies and institutions organize placement of students for work experience and act as partners in research and project work. Students do practical work in the international company “Mondi SLPK” and in international departments of the Barents Region countries. The Department cooperates with the Komi research centre of the Ural Department of the RussianAcademy ofˇ Sciences and public organizations.

Graduates are demanded as translators, teachers and specialists in intercultural communication.