Best Educational Programs: PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION


Institute of Physical Education and Judo

Bachelor’s programme


BGUASHEV, Aydamir Baterbievich



HEI’s image. The Institute of Physical Education and Judo of Adyghe State University is a unique structure of higher education both in Russia and around the world. Among graduates of the Institute, there are Olympic champions and prize winners in judo and shooting, World champions in sambo and judo, champions of Europe in judo, sambo, weightlifting, track and field, shooting, dozens of world-class athletes and masters of sports of the USSR and Russia. The graduates of the Institute work as coaches of national teams in various sports both in Russia and abroad.

Programme presentation. Training of Bachelors is carried out in the area “Pedagogical Education” within profiles “Life Safety / Physical Education”. Educational process is conducted in specialized classrooms equipped by stands and tools and teaching aids. Aˇspecialized sports complex is available. Relationships are established with specialized departments of Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism and the North-CaucasusFederalUniversity, etc.

The Pedagogical Education program is also offered by the Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology, the Institute of Arts and the Faculty of Natural Science.

Teaching staff. Education quality is determined by the work of highly qualified teachers and continuous enhancement of teaching methods. The necessary conditions are provided for training of research and pedagogical staff: there are postgraduate and doctorate programmes and a Dissertation Council. The teaching staff annually undergoes professional development in the leading Russian HEIs.

Competitiveness of students. High level of theoretical and practical training allows students to successfully take part in regional and international research conferences. Best students become holders of the grants of the RF President and the Head of the Republic of Adyghea.

Graduates in this field are always demanded. This is ensured by the significance of the profile “Life Safety” at the modern stage of development and by the decisions of the Russian leadership in the field of population protection in man-caused, natural and social emergencies during peace and war time.

Interaction with employers. The Institute has concluded agreements on cooperation with educational institutions of the region.