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Department of Russian Language and Speech Culture

Master’s programme


SHIROKOVA, Elena Nikolaevna

Professor of the Department


Programme presentation. The Master’s programme “Verbal Communication and Practical Journalism” forms theoretical and practical skills in the field of journalism, verbal communication, research activity; acquaint students with socio-economical and cultural life of the region. The study process is oriented to using contemporary information technologies in solving professional tasks of all levels in all activity spheres. The University’s educational portal guarantees the achievement of this goal.

Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University also offers Bachelor's and Master's programs in Vocational Training

Teaching staff. The teaching staff of the Department consists of experienced teachers (Doctors of Philological Sciences N.E. Petrova, E.N. Shirokova, PhDs, assistant-professors EA. Gutina, Z.I. Mozhnova, S.G. Pavlov, G.S. Samoylova, I.V. Tikhomirova) and young PhDs (T.S. Sergeeva, A.D. Komyshkova). The Departments regularly holds the national conference of young researchers; master students actively participate in the conference.

Competitiveness of students. Students are admitted to the Master’s programme ac-cording to the competition results. Students take part in conferences with face-to-face and virtual participation and national internet-conferences. The Master students’ works won the first international competition of methodological and thesis works “Gnosis” (Kirov), international students’ research conference in the framework of the programme “The Research community of the students of the 21st century” (Novosibirsk, 2013). Master students won top places in the Regional students’ Olympiad in Philology in individual competition. This year the Programme’s students, together with the students of the the-atrical college, organized and performed the talk-show “Great theatrical systems, their life and fate in modern theatre”.

Interaction with employers. Cooperation with employers is carried out in the frame-work of practice in theatrical and economic journalism. The Programme’s students participate in master-classes in television journalism, attend the “Theatre Crossroads” club in the Drama theatre, and publish play reviews on the web-site of the theatre and on-line version of the journal which addresses the issues of city’s theatrical. In 2013 master students participated in the project of RIA-Novosti “Tech in Media” which was designed for journalists and students of specialized faculties.