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SURINA, Olga Petrovna



HEI’s image.PenzaStateUniversity was founded as an industrial institute and now it is a classical University. Today it is one of the biggest HEIs in the Volga region. It provides development of intellectual potential and promotes intensive social and economic advance of the region.

The University conducts innovative, research and experimental activity in the spheres, which are listed in the priority fields of development of science, technologies and engineering of the Russian Federation.

Programme presentation. The programme is keeping up traditions of pedagogical education of the region. The main objective of the programme is to train highly-qualified, competitive specialists for the Russian educational sphere, who are ready for innovative creative activities in the conditions of motivation-oriented educational environment of institutions of different levels and specializations.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by 44 Doctors of Sciences and 293 Candidates of Sciences (PhDs). Many of them have honorary titles of “Honoured Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation”, “Honoured Teacher of the Russian Federation”. The teachers participate in prestigious research conferences. The Institute founded research and pedagogical schools in psychology, pedagogy, history, philosophy, linguistics, literature science, informatics, mathematics, biochemistry, biology.

Competitiveness of students. In 2013, the average passing grade for the applicants was 229. The highest quality of training is proved by students’ victories in national and international Olympiads and professional skills competitions.

The Institute’s departments develop international connections, which allow students and teachers to participate in academic exchange study and training programmes in the HEIs of Great Britain, France, Israel, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway and other countries. Graduates who want to continue their studies have the possibility to take postgraduate courses.