Institute of Transport Engineering and Control Systems

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


BESTEMYANOV, Petr Filimonovich

Director of the Institute


Programme presentation: The students of the Programme “Railway Traffic Control Systems” get higher engineering education in the field of railway power supply systems, traffic control systems, systems of radio- and telecommunications. These specialists provide railway traffic safety. Students are trained in the field of advanced technologies of diagnostics and monitoring, technical support and maintenance of modern microprocessor systems of railway transport control.

Teaching staff. Training is conducted by highly qualified teachers: academicians, professors, doctors, PhDs, internationally recognized scientists and founders of scientific schools.

Competitiveness of students. Best students of the Institute undertake internship in the countries of Europe and America, including exchange educational visits in the leading HEIs of Germany, France and Great Britain. The University cooperates with the worldwide famous companies, which work in the sphere of railway systems construction: Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, Tales and other. Research projects are developed in close cooperation with JSC “Russian Railways”, Moscow Metro, other Russian and foreign companies and universities. Departments of the Institute are equipped with contemporary laboratory complexes, simulation systems, computer classrooms, specialized multimedia lecture halls. For practical experience students are placed in research institutions, operating and maintenance organizations of railway transport and metro, design-and-engineering and research organizations. The basis of the educational process is research, which is conducted by the Institute’s teaching staff; this assures the highest level of students’ competency.

Interaction with employers. Employers take an active part in the study process and research work. Over 50% of the students are trained on commission from JSC “Russian Railways”. The Institute’s graduates work in railway lines and administrative offices of JSC “Russian Railways”, in research and design organizations, factories and HEIs, joint and foreign companies. Skills and knowledge acquired during the study process promote fast career development.

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