Best Educational Programs: RADIO ENGINEERING


Department of Informational Radio Systems

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


RYNDYK, Aleksander Georgievich

Head of the Department


Programme presentation. The bachelors of the Programme “Radio Engineering” study contemporary methods and means of receiving and processing signals and data, practical implementation of the principles of specialized computer systems, and programming methods. Students acquire competencies which are necessary for computing, modelling and designing schemes, constructions, algorithms and programmes; conducting experiments, debugging, adjusting and tuning hardware and software; servicing the measuring and testing equipment. Students participate in research work within the grant of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Teaching staff. The highest level of teaching is provided by Professors, Doctors of and Candidates of Sciences: A.G. Ryndyk, S.B. Raevsky, A.D. Pluzhnikov, A.V. Zenkovich, A.G. Flaksman, A.V. Myakinkov, A.B. Blyakhman, A.V. Andriyanov, A.S. Raevsky, and others.

Competitiveness of students. The average passing grade for the Programme’s applicants in 2014 was 230. Due to high demand for the Programme’s graduates, the Department admits applicants by orders from enterprises of the defence complex (80-90%). The best bachelors have an opportunity to study the postgraduate programme. Students have a possibility to study in the Centre of Digital Technologies, whose primary focus is research and development of digital signal processing and its software provision. Supervisors of the Master’s study programme are the Department’s leading teachers and specialists of the Federal Research and Development Centre. Graduates of the Programme have up-to-date knowledge and skills, which makes it easy for them to find interesting and well-paid employment in Nizhny Novgorod and beyond. Many graduates have become leading specialists, chief engineers, designers and top managers of major enterprises of the industry.

Interaction with employers. The Department maintains tight connections with leading companies of radio electronic industry: OJSC “Concern of Air Defence “Almaz-Antey”, OJSC “Federal Research and Production Centre “Sedakov Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Technology”, OJSC Research and Production Association “PravdinskyRadiozavod”, OJSC “Research and Production Enterprise “Polyot” and other; cooperates with foreign HEIs (Birmingham University).

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