Department of Physics, Electric Engineering and Electronics

Bachelor’s Programme

Master’s Programme


VALYUKHOV, Dmitry Petrovich

Head of the Department


HEI’s image. The graduates of the Electronics Department of the NorthCaucasusFederalUniversity are highly demanded in most sectors of national economy both in Russia and abroad. Their professional interests are aimed at the development and implementation of advanced technologies in the field of radio electronic devices, that allow to achieve high quality competitive products.

Programme presentation. The program is aimed at training professionals well d-manded in the field of electronics and nanoelectronics. In order to facilitate high quality teaching and learning the University widely uses laboratory facilities fitted with multimedia, technological and analytical equipment. Senior students have access to the research equipment of “Pure zones”, and research centre “Photovoltaics and nanotechnologies”

Teaching staff. Over 80% of the teachers have academic degrees including 28% Professors. Representatives of the teaching staff have numerous rewards for winning in re-gional, All-Russian and international competitions and contests. They are actively involved in grant application and participation in the international programs like Erasmus Mundus, DAAD and others.

Competitiveness of students. Students are annually awarded Scholarships of the Russian Federation President, Russian Government, Governor of Stavropol Krai as well as scholarships for personal achievements in the field of electronics and nanoelectronics. When mastering the program students are involved in developing concept schemes of electronic installation, develop and design semiconductor items, do research into con-temporary materials.

Interaction with employers. This educational programme has been developed in cooperation with and approved by the employers of the region including leading electronics enterprises of Russia. NCFU has long-term partnership agreements with companies providing on-the-job-placement to undergraduate students. These include JSC “ElektroAvtomatika”, CJSC “Monokristall”, JSC Radio Engineering enterprise “Signal”, LLCˇ NPF “Lum”, LLC NPP “Radii” to name just a few. Demand in qualified specialists in the labour market significantly exceeds supply in the North Caucasus Federal District and in other southern areas of the Russian Federation.

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