Institute of Information Systems and Information Security

Master’s programme


KRUK, Evgeny Avramovich

Director of the Institute


Programme presentation. A Master’s student of info-communication technologies and information systems is a highly-qualified and in-demand specialist, who is able to carry out activities in the sphere of design, project engineering and modernization of control systems, study of causes of telecommunication equipment failure, etc.

The study process is characterized by qualitative information and good material and technical resources. The Institute has two research laboratories: of telecommunications and of multimedia handling, which are supplied with the latest equipment. Master’s students participate in research and design projects with the leading Russian and foreign partner companies, which helps future specialists to work by orders of the national and foreign firms and undertake internships at the universities of Europe and the USA.

Teaching staff. The teaching staff of the Institute has many years’ experience in the sphere of telecommunications exceeding in some cases 30 years and allowing to predict development trends of modern and perspective info-communication technologies. The teachers’ activity was recognized by the international research community and brought about hundreds of research publications in the leading trade journals and collected papers of conferences.

Competitiveness of students. The Institute has stable scientific relations with a number of universities, research centres and international corporations. It maintains co-operation with Tampere University of Technology (Finland) and Heriot-WattUniversity (Great Britain).

One of the partners of the Institute is a Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications (FRUCT). In the framework of cooperation students may present the results of their projects at FRUCT international conferences in Russia and Finland.

Some Master’s students have been awarded the scholarships of the RF President and the Government of RF.

Interaction with employers. The Institute obtains support of the largest producers of telecommunication equipment according to the results of activities. Major industrial partners are Intel, Huawei, Nokia Solutions and Networks, ЕМС. There are also joint laboratories Intel-SUAI and Nokia-SUAI, working group SUAI-EMC and a base department of Intel Corporation.

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