Department of Computer Science and Teaching Methodology

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


KAZIAKHMEDOV, Tufik Bagautdinovich

Head of the Department


HEI’s image.NizhnevartovskStateUniversity is the nationally recognized leader in the sphere of educational technologies and services, which preserves and keeps academic traditions. NVSU is a modern HEI which is oriented to the staffing needs of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra and is a regional centre for international cooperation. The activity of NVSU is based on innovative approach to higher education.

Programme presentation. The educational process is focused on both highly professional work of teachers and continuous enhancement of teaching methods and motivation of students to acquire knowledge and to discover new opportunities and prospects. In order to prepare students for effective professional activity, the educational programmes, computer hardware and software are regularly updated in such a way as to fully comply with the modern requirements of IT sphere.

Bachelors have an opportunity to continue their education in the Master’s programme “Automated Systems Information Support and Software”. A postgraduate programme 05.13.18 “Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes” is available for students. Students are involved is solving such global scientific problems as computer vision, intellectual robots and systems, speech recognition, social computer science, computer linguistics, etc.

Teaching staff. The teachers’ professionalism is a key to success of the Faculty. The combination of profound academic training with practical experience and active methods of teaching allows the staff to provide an effective educational process. Continuous professional development in accordance with the latest world research trends is a mandatory requirement for teachers.

Competitiveness of students. Starting with the 1st year students are involved in solving automatization tasks for the companies of Nizhnevartovsk and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. The analysis of labour market shows that graduates of the study programme are highly demanded, and almost 100% of them are employed within their specialty.

Interaction with employers. The Faculty closely cooperates with regional employers, adapts the courses and adds new academic disciplines taking into account the requirements of employers for professional competencies of Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering.

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