Best Educational Programs: APPLIED COMPUTER SCIENCE


Department of Computer Science in Economics

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


AVDEENKO, Tatyana Vladimirovna

Head of Department


Programme presentation. At present specialists with skills in the sphere of information technologies, economics and business are in high demand. The specific feature of the educational programme “Applied Computer Science” is its interdisciplinarity. Specialty in the economic field allows graduates to build their future career in the sphere of economics as well as in IT-technologies. That is why almost all graduates work in their specialty.

The graduate department cooperates with such institutions of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan as L.N.GumilyovEurasianNationalUniversity (Astana) and KazakhstanInnovativeUniversity (Semey). About 10% of foreign students study this educational programme at the University.

The Faculty of Business has 6 terminal classrooms equipped with modern computers and licensed software.

Teaching staff. The majority of the teachers have academic degrees. Leading professors and assistant professors are invited as visiting lectures and participate in international conferences in Germany, South Korea, Cuba, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Teachers and students carry out research supported by grants of different levels. The Department concludes agreements with enterprises on the development of information systems.

Competitiveness of students. In 2013, the average grade of applicants enrolled in this programme according to the Unified State Examination results was 216. Up to 10 students become annual winners of regional and federal subject Olympiads and conferences.

According to employers, graduates of this programme compare favourably with specialists of other HEIs because they can competently use any software, know economics and engineering and perform specific practical tasks.

Bachelor and Master students of Applied Computer Science develop, implement, analyse and maintain profession-oriented information systems in the sphere of economics and management in the Siberian Region and abroad – in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Czech Republic, Germany and other countries. In Novosibirsk graduates are in-demand in such enterprises as the Centre of Financial Technologies, the Center of Information Systems in Economics, SM Group, IKEA, Investment Company “Troika Dialog” and others. Many graduates work in related areas such as audit and consulting companies.

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