Best Educational Programs: CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY


Faculty of Technology

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Master’s programme

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BALAMIRZOEV, Nazim Liodinovich



HEI’s image. Technical engineers in oil and gas processing, hydrocarbon process and petroleum industries dominate in the complex and multi-stage training of specialists for fuel and energy industry. Graduates of the programme “Chemical Technology” of the DagestanStateTechnicalUniversity possess knowledge in chemistry, have a background in gas and petroleum technology, know physico-mathematical methods of analysis and design principles of different process installations and work efficiently with high-speed computers.

Programme presentation. The programme is one of the main specialties at the University. The graduates of the Bachelor’s programme may enter the Master’s programme, where they study the development of environmentally-friendly technology of hydrocarbon process, gas and petroleum industries, as well as production of fuel, oil, lubricants, chemicals and other special products. Students who successfully com-pleted their studies may realize their scientific and creative potential in the Postgraduate programme.

Teaching staff. Five departments of the University participate in training of specialists. Over 60 teachers, among them are 13 professors including 9 Doctors and over 40 Candidates of Sciences, assistant professors and senior teachers impart their knowledge and skills to prospective specialists. In recent years, the scientists of the Faculty have published 13 manuals and textbooks under the Ministry of Education of RF, 15 mono-graphs, over 1400 research publications. They received over 1000 inventor’s certificates and patents.

Competitiveness of students. Over the last years, graduates have become heads of different organizations of the city and republic. In general, there is at least one graduate of the Faculty in every enterprise of Makhachkala. They also get employment in other cities of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.

Interaction with employers. The Department of Chemistry maintains cooperation in research and pedagogical sphere with some Russian and foreign HEIs and enterprises. Graduates work as engineers in enterprises of oil-refining industry. Among major employers are leading organizations of oil-refining industry of the Republic of Dagestan: Oil Refinery Plan “Caspy-1”, LLC “DAGESTAN NOVYE TEKHNOLOGII”, LLC “Gaspromtransgaz Makhachkala” and others.

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