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Faculty of Chemical and Biochemical Technology

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


SIROTINKIN, Nikolay Vasilyevich



HEI’s image. Educating and training of specialists in the field of biotechnology with contemporary systematic knowledge and competencies required for effective solution of production and scientific tasks. Our graduates become heads of major biotechnological enterprises, leading scientists of biomedical research centres of Russia and other countries.

Programme presentation. The Faculty successfully implements master’s programmes: “Molecular and Cell Biotechnology” and “Industrial Bioengineering”. Training is conducted in classrooms, industrial enterprises and research institutes – the Research Institute of Ultra Pure Biological Products, the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine, the Research Institute of vaccines and sera, the Research Institute of Plant Protection, the Paster Research Institute of Microbiology and others. Laboratories of Molecular Pharmacology and Cell Biotechnology managed by the leading foreign scientists – D. Melino and M.Shimus, play a major role in the educational process. The Biotechnology Departments is very popular among foreign students. International students from Bulgaria, China, Peru, Algeria and Ecuador study in the Institute; some of them defend dissertation thesis after postgraduate training.

Teaching staff. Education and training is conducted by highly qualified teaching staff, which includes 6 Doctors of Sciences and 9 PhD holders. Two internationally recognized research schools in the field of biotechnology are run by professor A.I. Ginak and professor A.V. Garabadzhiu.

Competitiveness of students. The average State Examination grade for the programme applicants is one of the highest in the HEI. Competencies acquired in the HEI provide graduates with an opportunity to be employed in high technology areas of con-temporary engineering, science and laboratory research: development of new medical biological drugs, biotechnological systems of disease diagnosis and analysis of environment objects, molecular systems of purification and immobilizing biologically active substances, development of transgenic organisms and gene therapy methods; solve production tasks at high-tech biotechnological enterprises.

Interaction with employers. During the study process students have an opportunity to choose the place of their future employment in the leading research biotechnological centres and enterprises of pharmaceutical clusters of the North-West region of the Russian Federation. Representatives of employers participate in the training of students and the State attestation of graduates.

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