A summer to remember

The sweltering humidity and sunshine is no hindrance to Global Learning@SIM each summer with sights set on equipping students from all over the world with global competencies for an inclusive world.

In the months of July and August 2018, Global Learning@SIM welcomed 52 undergraduate students from South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, India, Spain, Japan and Belgium for a summer of their lifetime. Three International Programmes (IP@SIM-July, SIMxVeCO and IP@SIM-August) were successfully concluded with the facilitation of 23 student volunteers from SIM. Many new lifelong friendships were formed and unforgettable memories were forged. 

Through explaining playdoh masterpieces, opinion polls and team-based challenges, participants grasped the importance of Global Competence (GC) during their interactive lectures. In line with the platinum rule, ‘treat others as you would like to be treated,’ participants were inspired to discuss their dreams, attitudes and skills that are essential to succeed across cultures and continents.

Learning continued across activities aimed at enhancing the immersion of participants in local sites. The students got to experience a host of activities such as the ‘Discover Singapore!’ race on day one ; daily lunch and personal development workshops on campus with SIM buddies in Singapore; enjoying a beautiful Desert Safari in Dubai and exploring the quaint towns of Ghent and Bruges in Brussels. 

Learning what it takes to be a dragon boater in sunny Singapore during the International Summer Programme.

Graduation day at SIM Campus for International Summer Programme participants.

Meanwhile, participants of the SIMXVeCo (partnership between SIM and Vesalius College in Brussels) programme were given the opportunity to go on a four-week programme and proactively engage with locals and understand different perspectives and working cultures in Dubai, Brussels and Singapore. This practical interaction served to build intercultural communicative competency and emotional intelligence.

Enjoying an experience of a lifetime at the Desert Safari in Dubai.

Soaking up the sun in Brussels.

A lesson on ‘Understanding Global Competence & Cross-Cultural Communication in the Global Workplace’. The lecture was conducted by Dr Michael Chang.

There were more opportunities to deepen industrial understanding and to expand one’s international network through international networking activities and industry visits to regional and international organisations. For example, participants of SIMxVeCo EU Institutions, Martins hotel, as well as European Regional and Local Health Authorities.

Attending the ‘Business Culture in the Middle East’ workshop in Dubai.

To enhance their academic knowledge, Digital Intelligence (DQ) and Creative Intelligence (CQ), participants also had their hands at solving business problems through industry interface projects (live consulting projects), presenting their recommendations to senior management of the sponsoring companies. With the increasing need to master digital communications, digital literacy, critical thinking and digital entrepreneurship in this age of Industry 4.0 and globalised business, the participants were exposed to the shifting landscape of the international economy.

Can two to three weeks really change one’s life and aid in their global learning? Soka University Associate Professor, Kazuma Hatano says, “One of my educational beliefs is that even short-term learning experiences can broaden students’ world view when it stimulates their interest in a meaningful way. The International Programme and Externship (IP@SIM-August) provides exactly such a learning experience.”

What participants had to say on the programme:

“2016 was the year when a cohort of Soka University students first participated in the summer international programme at SIM Global Education. Participating in the programme for three summers in a row, I can now attest with more confidence that this is one of the greatest destinations for short-term study abroad programmes. 
“My students really like the learning experience of lectures and activities on global competence. Many of them have shared with me that they never had lectures like this in Japan. For many Japanese college students, global competence is something they have ‘heard’ but rarely ‘learned’ in school. Therefore, it was indeed an eye-opening learning experience for them.” 
Kazuma Hatano, Associate Professor, 
Faculty of Business Administration, Soka University, Japan, 
IPE@SIM Outbound Students Administrator

“I had a great time experiencing a new country, culture and people. Dr Chang’s lectures made me think about myself more in terms of my relationships and global interactions. I used to think that competency in foreign languages is the most important quality in global communication. However, my attitude towards other cultures means much more than anything. Through this programme, I was able to form new precious connections with local (Korean) & international students. I will never forget this experience in my life!” 
Kim Seo Yeon, Korea University, IP@SIM Participant

“The SimxVeCo programme produced some of the best experiences and memories of my life! The most memorable moment of the trip was definitely getting to be the first group that visited the EU Council’s visitor center. It was equivalent to being at The Capitol in Washington DC; absolutely surreal. Also, desert surfing in Dubai was epic because we definitely had the best driver of the group! Simply put, if you have the desire to learn and expand your knowledge of self and other cultures, enhance your global competence and meet lifelong friends; make plans to spend a month of your time in the SIMXVeCo programme.” 
Jaraun Wright, Drew University, SIMxVeCo Participant

“Volunteering for IP@SIM July was a very interesting and insightful experience! 
Every moment I spent volunteering was totally worth it with the new friends I made. I’ve gained knowledge and respect for cultural differences and formed many unforgettable memories with some of the best bunch of people I’ve ever met! “
Priscilla Ketzia Aristotles, SIM-University Of London, Student Leader

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