Management in Russian New University

Bachelor's program


Institute of Business Technologies,

Department of Management


Svetlana GANINA,

Head of the Department


Current position in rankings. In 2020, RosNOU ranked 53rd among Russia's most influential universities, 91st in RAEX-100 Russia's Best Universities, 61st in Round University Ranking among Russian universities, belonged to the top 5 popular Russian management universities, ranked highest among the top 5 non-government universities of Russia, belonged to the top 50 of the National University Ranking in education and top 500 world's best universities in engineering education, as well as having been recognized as the best privately-owned university according to National Aggregated Ranking. In 2020, RosNOU belonged to the 1201-1300 world ranking interval group and the 58-73 interval group among Russian universities, having improved the previous year's result by 1 point.

Teaching staff. The educational process is carried out by five Doctors of Sciences, seven Professors, 20 Candidates of Sciences. The percentage of scientific degree holders is 100%. The teachers improve their qualification annually. Representatives of the real sector of the economy are involved in teaching, such as presidents, vice presidents and heads of the department of the companies of the relevant industry.

Facilities and resources. All rooms are fitted with up-to-date equipment: personal computers (laptops), projectors, information stands, learning materials (lecture transcripts, learning aids, supplemental learning materials). The contents of each discipline (courses and modules) are presented on the website of RosNOU. The main educational program is delivered by allowing each student access to the databases and libraries of the university. 100% of the students have simultaneous access to the electronic library IPRBooks.

Research. The department carries out research work on the topic "Using the Experience of Foreign Management and Marketing in the Field of Evaluation and Improvement of Human Capital in the Russian Federation" with the participation of teachers, students and undergraduates. The research results in articles, speeches at scientific conferences, outer scientific research. The department hosts research groups in various educational specializations. The students and undergraduates take part in annual all-Russian and international conferences and contests.

Competitive advantages. Skilled teaching staff, high quality of applicants, high level of graduates, research fields in various educational specializations.

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