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SPbSUITD is a leading university for arts and technology in Russia. It is located in the very heart of Saint Petersburg, near Palace Square, the State Hermitage Museum, and Nevsky Avenue. All educational and laboratory buildings are located in the historic center of the city.

The university is popular among applicants from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Mongolia.

Founded in 1930.

Applicants from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus have the right to apply for state-funded places on equal terms with the citizens of Russia. Foreign citizens can get a free education in Russia within the Russian Government quota.

Leading Russian Technological University In The Following Areas:

  • Textile and Light Industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Industrial Power Engineering
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Chemical Manufacturing Technology of Polymeric and Composite Materials
  • Technical Aesthetics and Design

6 Top-Rank Schools In Russia

  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Design and Graphics
  • Synergetic Metadisciplinary Cognitive Design
  • Environmental Design

VK – @spsutd
Facebook – @SUTD.rus (Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia)
Instagram – @spsutd (Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia)
Twitter — @SutdNews
Youtube – @prouniverspbsuitd

Tuition fee per year

60,000—390,000 RUB

Other Specialized Areas

  • Information Technologies in Design and Media Industry
  • Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations
  • Tourism
  • Economics
  • Management

Opportunities For Students

  • Preparatory department for foreign citizens
  • Participation in large-scale research and development
  • Author’s research
  • Lectures and practical courses and programs in English
  • Internships abroad and international exchange programs
  • Two English-taught Master's programs

Admissions Office

Natalia Frolova
+7 812 315-07-47
+7 812 571-81-49
VK – @priemsutd
Bolshaya Morskaya Street, bld. 18, Room 134, Room 102, Saint Petersburg

Roman Fischer, Cologne, Germany. He graduated from the Department of Economics and Finance with a degree in Marketing. He also participated in the international student exchange program

When I came to Saint Petersburg, my Russian was not so good. I could only talk about the weather. Also, winter caught me by surprise, and I was always cold.

The clothes I brought along turned out to be unfit for such harsh weather.

I always asked my teachers, fellow students, and even passers-by many questions. And this worked for my benefit—everyone was happy to answer my questions, help, and support me. They always asked how I was. I started absorbing knowledge and made a lot of friends very quickly. Finally, everything that happened to me at the university became of great importance. I settled in Saint Petersburg, and the skills I acquired at the university helped me set up my enterprise. Now my company is entering the export market.

Preparatory Department For Foreign Citizens

  • Full-time students are accommodated in the dormitory
  • Distance learning format
  • Students who have successfully completed the course obtain a certificate

Study areas


  • Design (Russian language, literature, history, creative subjects)
  • History and Theory of Arts (Russian language, literature, history)
  • Applied and Decorative Arts and Handicrafts (Russian language, literature, drawing)

Economics (Russian language, mathematics, social science)
Technology (Russian language, mathematics, chemistry/computer science)
Russian as a foreign language(Russian language)

+7 812 310-41-49

Migration Registration

SPbSUITD Registration and Visa Department will consult and assist international applicants and students in executing documents for legal residence in Russia.

  • Execution of an invitation to enter Russia for studying
  • Execution of a multi-entry student visa upon arrival in Saint Petersburg
  • Consultation on getting a health insurance policy
  • Meeting and accompanying foreign citizens (available upon individual request)

We will answer all your questions about the execution of documents for legal residence in Russia
+7 812 315-08-93


All university facilities provide:

  • strict access control
  • video surveillance aiming to prevent offenses
  • security posts, on duty 24/7
  • regular inspections

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 all facilities are fitted with sanitizing and air recirculation equipment, and mask and glove requirements are met.


The university offers all full-time students accommodation in the student dormitory.

The campus comprises six 15-story high-rise buildings in the city districts with well-developed infrastructure. One room accommodates 2-3 persons.

Accommodation fee per month:

2,800 RUB—for fee-paying students
900 RUB—for state-funded students

Zhang Mingzi, Beijing, China. A third-year postgraduate student majoring in Art Studies

I started studying Russian in China. When I came to Saint Petersburg, I realized that my accent made my learning process more difficult. In my first year at the university, I was afraid to ask something once again because I thought that my teachers wouldn't understand me. But they noticed my fear and supported me. They gave me some extra assignments and a list of things I needed for my studies, helped me understand their lectures. Before long, I made friends with my fellow students.

I managed to quickly improve my Russian. I graduated from the university with honors, embarked on my Master's degree, joined the Saint Petersburg Union of Designers, created four fashion collections. I work as an advising specialist at the preparatory department for foreign citizens at my university.

The Northern Capital Is A City Of Students

Saint Petersburg is a major Russian cultural center. Museums, theaters, conservatories, but especially universities are hugely popular here.

The university has a good tradition of awarding degrees with honors to its graduates in the most historical place of Saint Petersburg—the Atrium of Peter and Paul Fortress, where the best graduate makes the noon cannon shot every year.

The international contest of young designers "Admiralty Needle" is a calling card of the University of Industrial Technologies and Design. The level and geographical spread of contestants, occupational status of jury members have taken the contest to the global level. Every year it discovers new fashion talents.

Prize-winners have an opportunity to undertake an internship at top global companies, and the winner gets a money prize for further development.

Student life in the city is diverse. Saint Petersburg students have a proactive attitude, genuine interest in studies, sports, cultural life. Adapting to the local atmosphere, international young people contribute to the student subculture.

When you visit Saint Petersburg, you can feel the mood of youth and drive at once. And White Nights—a period from June till early July, when twilight lasts from sunset to sunrise—is the unforgettable time of long walks, romantic dates, and inspiration for all Saint Petersburg students.

The city has around 200 museums. Many of them offer students free admission days. Among them are the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, the Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum, Feodor Chaliapin House Museum.


Adapters is a program that helps first-year students adapt to a new learning environment and new people.

International Student Center holds round table discussions and organizes speaking clubs and tours. It collaborates with other student associations of the university, assists students in complying with the migration and visa regulations in Russia, helps them with language adaptation.

Psychosocial and Acmeological Support Center offers students counseling services, if necessary.

Student brigades include pedagogical, archaeological, agricultural, ecological, volunteer brigades, and the train hosts brigade.


The university takes part in over 70 student championships in the city.

Needles Cheerleading Team ranks among Top 5 student cheerleading teams in the world. The male and female basketball teams rank among the best university teams in Russia.

Projects Of The Future

In 2020, the university launched a high-technology platform for teamwork on the Projects of the Future. The platform is called "Boiling Point— IndTech Design." It aims to develop the sector of the creative economy, digital design, and technologies. Here students can find like-minded people, hear experts’ opinions, use state-of-the-art equipment, and implement their ideas.


SPbSUITD students have access to advanced library systems, including exclusive paid resources. They can use them from anywhere in the world, including the university campus.


The university holds a lot of bright major events aiming to quickly adapt international students to new cultural traditions. Among them are:

  • Cultural project "Ball in the Best Traditions"
  • The first-year student festival "Mom! I am on the Stage"
  • The Beauty and Talent contest "Miss SpbSUITD"
  • Classical music concerts
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