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VyatSU is a classical multidisciplinary university that trains specialists in engineering and humanities. Among its graduates are successful experts in all fields, from history and law to civil engineering and information technology.

In 2021, the university was ranked among Top 100 best Russian universities as part of the Priority 2030 program.

Degree programs (> 250)

  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Economics and Management
  • History, Cultural Studies, Philosophy
  • Advertising and Journalism
  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Law


Tuition fees per year

College 1,53 000 – 68,000 RUB / ≈ 700 – 900 USD
Bachelor's programs 98,000 – 190,000 RUB ≈ 1,300 – 2,500 USD
Master's programs 104,000 – 121,000 RUB / ≈ 1,400 – 1,600 USD
PhD programs 121,000 – 128,000 RUB / ≈ 1,600 – 1,700 USD

State-funded places quotas for foreign citizens (Bachelor's, Specialist's, Master's programs)

  • Engineering – 91
  • IT – 50
  • Pedagogy – 28
  • Natural sciences – 54
  • Humanities – 105
  • Economics – 70
  • Law – 18
  • Arts – 8

Key enrollment dates – 2022

Preparatory faculty

  • March 1
  • October 1

Degree programs

  • June 20 – July 16 state-funded places
  • June 20 – August 15 fee-paying places
Valentin Pugach, VyatSU Rector

Dear friends! You are ready for the crucial step in your life. Going to the other part of the globe for studying is a responsible, ambitious and serious thing. You are probably worried about a few things now: how to quickly adapt to a foreign country, how to find new friends, and how to master Russian. Don't worry! We will overcome all the difficulties together.

The Kirov Region's leading university that trains over 19,000 students from 27 countries today will offer you a warm welcome. Our university is bustling. Here students carry out research and experimental development of paramount importance, study dozens of sciences, take part in project activities, and, of course, lead a bright and eventful student life with plenty of opportunities for self-fulfillment.

Hope to see you soon at Vyatka State University!

Preparatory department

Study areas

  • Humanities
  • Natural sciences
  • Engineering
  • Economics


1 year October – September
1.5 years March – October

Tuition fee 80,000 – 99,000 RUB

Bachelor's programs in English

  • Linguistics. Linguistic Support for International Business

Master's programs in English

  • Strategic Management
  • Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Recycling Technology

Choose a program and go ahead and gain new knowledge!

Ntantu Chris Simedo, Congo. The first-year Master's student at VyatSU Institute of Economics and Management

In summer 2021, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics at VyatSU.

There are three reasons why I really like studying at VyatSU: 1) The quality of education is very high. 2) The International Office does an excellent job: it helps us settle all issues related to our stay in Russia. 3) Kirov is a quiet and affordable city. It is a perfect choice for students

University science. Priority areas

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Big Data Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Polymeric Materials for the Industry of the Future
  • Innovative Electrical Energy Sources
  • Environmental Monitoring and Protection Technology
  • Forest Protection and Reforestation Technology
  • Digital Design Technology in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Let's go to Kirov from Moscow

Train: travel time is 12 hours, the fare is 1,250 RUB and more
Plane: travel time is 1.5 hours, the fare is 2,499 RUB and more
Car: travel time is 13 hours

Additional expenses

10,000 RUB per month and more / ≈ 140 USD a consumer basket 
10,000 – 12,000 RUB per month / ≈ 140 – 160 USD renting a one-room apartment in Kirov

The Kirov Region is located in European Russia. VyatSU is located in the city of Kirov, the capital of the region.

  • Population of 500,000 people
  • Quiet and safe city
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • High healthcare standards
  • Picturesque natural sights

Kirov and the Kirov Region are excellent places to live and study!

European climate with warm summer and snowy winter is an opportunity to lead an active life all year round.

Average temperature

-12 °С in January
+20 °С in July

Not only university classrooms and research libraries, but also concerts, theaters, fitness studios, Russian steam bath, competitions, eco-friendly hiking in the region, and traveling around Russia – that's what VyatSU will offer you.

Dildora Binaeva, Uzbekistan. The fourth-year student at VyatSU Institute of Chemistry and Ecology

I came to Russia in 2018. In the beginning, I was scared: a different country, different people, and no acquaintances. Now I think about this period of life with a smile.

I have a lot of friends. I get excellent grades, work at the VyatSU International Office, volunteer at the university and in the city. I represent the Uzbek community in the Kirov city, travel, attend various forums, work on my scientific project, organize events at the university, help students adapt, and tell applicants and th

University infrastructure at a glance

  • 23 educational buildings
  • 8 comfortable dormitories
  • A well-developed chain of gyms for fitness, football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling and other sports, a university swimming pool – all of these facilities are within walking distance of the dormitories and the educational buildings
  • The research library, the botanical garden, the student architecture center, the tourism center, the student media center create a favorable environment for intellectual development
  • The university's health care center, free for students, the psychological assessment and counseling center, medical rooms in the educational buildings – the university takes care of its students' health!

Dormitory check-in

Vyatka State University offers accommodation in comfortable dormitories for all international students.

Accommodation fee per month: 700 RUB

Elsaid Babiker Haidar Khalil, Sudan. The first-year Master's student the Faculty of Technologies, Engineering and Design

I came to Russia from Sudan in 2016. My Russian was poor, and my studies didn't yield any dividends. I moved to Kirov on the advice of my brother (he was a VyatSU student at the moment). I took a liking to the city at once: it was quiet and comfortable, and I settled down here. I entered the VyatSU Preparatory Department, completed my Bachelor's degree in 2020, and now I am pursuing my Master's degree.

VyatSU is a little family. Our Dean's Office works with each student individually and helps us solve both academic and everyday problems. The dean of our faculty supports students in all their endeavors.

I've been living in Kirov for six years already, and I feel at home at VyatSU. Everybody knows me here and treats me in a friendly way.


+7 912 721-16-93
WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
VK – /id611792648
Instagram – @univer_vyatsu (Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia)

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