Best Educational Programs: BUSINESS INFORMATICS


Department of International Economy, Mathematical Methodsand Business Informatics

Bachelor’s program


MAMCHENKO, Olga Petrovna

Head of the Department


Teaching staff. Seventeen members of the teaching staff are involved in the program delivery including four Doctors of Sciences. Practical orientation of the program is ensured by the use of modern information and communication technologies in the academic process.

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ECONOMIC SECURITY - Specialist’s program

University partners within the educational program. The university has agreements on cooperation with Novosibirsk State University and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Students have their practical training sessions at the leading educational institutions and organizations of the Altai Territory, the Novosibirsk Region and other regions of the Russian Federation.

Alumni’s achievements. The faculty’s prominent alumni include A.A. Zhidkikh, Minister of Education and Science of the Altai Territory, Candidate of Economic Sciences; M.O. Chirkov, Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Altai Territory Governor, Head of the Department at the Situation Center of the Altai Territory, Candidate of Economic Sciences; E.A. Bannykh, Deputy Director General of the Barnaul brewery plant.

Facilities and resources. Students and teachers benefit from using Microsoft IT Academy representing the MSDN AA licensing program of Microsoft, which enables the use of over 30 system and application programs including those used for efficient business analytics (Power BI), interactive presentations (Sways), a product line for enterprise resource planning of management accounting and administering large enterprises and corporations (Dynamics 365). Microsoft IT Academy embeds a testing platform where students can obtain a formal status of a certified specialist in any Microsoft-related activities.

Opportunities for students. Over 20% of classes are delivered in the interactive form. The program curriculum contains unique courses highlighting global research findings of Noble laureates of the recent decades: John Forbes Nash Jr., John Charles Harsanyi, Yisrael Robert John Aumann, George Akerlof, Michael Spence, Joseph Stiglitz, ElinorOstrom, Leonid Hurwicz, William Spencer Vickrey, Eric S. Maskin, Roger Bruce Myerson, Oliver Simon D’Arcy Hart, Bengt Robert Holmström who made fundamental contributions to the game and contract theory, modeling of economic mechanisms and auctions. Students enrolled in the program undergo their practical training at HEIs abroad. With regard to joint educational programs, including double degree diplomas, the university cooperates with University Paris II (France), SolBridge International School of Business (South Korea), Northeastern University (China), the University of Kassel (Germany), the Institute for Economic Education of the University of Oldenburg (Germany), Xinjiang Normal University (China), Concordia University (Canada), and some others.

Employment prospects. Graduates from the program hold managerial positions at the leading universities and banking institutions, at different industrial enterprises of different forms of ownership and also in the governmental sector.

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