Best Educational Programs: ECONOMICS


Faculty of Economics

Bachelor’s program


BURAEVA, Elena Viktorovna



Awards and achievements of the educational program. The Economics educational program was top ranked within the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia. The university successfully implements the certified quality management system.

Teaching staff. The educational process is implemented by the highly qualified teachers with education relevant to the discipline being taught. The heads and employees of organizations whose activity is related to the program are also engaged in the educational process.

University partners within the educational program. As part of implementation of the educational program the university cooperates with the Glavbukh all-Russia association of accountants, with leading scientific journals, companies such as 1C, SBIS, the Consultant legal reference system, the Garant reference legal program, leading regional enterprises and institutions (Rechitsa, Oryol Leader, Exima, the Department of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation for the Oryol Region, banks such as the Russian Agricultural Bank, Sberbank of Russia, the Avangard bank, and the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, etc.)

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Students win regional, all-Russian and international olympiads, contests, research conferences such as the all-Russian contest of scientific works of students and postgraduate students of agrarian universities, the all-Russian contest of graduation theses, the all-Russian contest of research works “Economic Growth of Russia,” etc.

Alumni are successfully employed at leading organizations of various sectors, spheres and forms of ownership, finance, credit and insurance organizations, state and municipal authorities, institutions of the higher education and vocational education system.

Facilities and resources. The university actively utilizes the 1C: University PROF educational process management automation system. The university implements the online training technology. The conference halls and lecture halls have multimedia equipment, audio and video conference systems. The research library of the university is the main provider of information resources. Users have access to internet and to specialized databases and an electronic library.

Opportunities for students. Working in specialized computer classrooms, students can master technologies and application programs for accounting work automation and use of reference legal programs including 1C: Enterprise 8.3; Taxpayer YUL; the Consultant Plus legal reference system; the Garant reference legal program, and others. Students undertake their work placement at innovative enterprises from various sectors of economy and abroad (in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, etc.)

Employment prospects. Accountant, cashier accountant, senior accountant, finance director, specialist at an economic, planning and financial department, control and auditing department, auditor, financial analyst, financial manager, economist, etc.

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