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Acting Department

Specialist’s programme


OSSOVSKAYA, Maria Petrovna

Vice Rector for Educationand Teaching Methods

Dean of the Acting Department


HEI’s image. The mission of the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute and its social and cultural function results in particular HEI specialization and includes the following aspects:

preserving and creative development of the Vakhtangov School traditions as one of the best schools of higher theatre education in Russia, training well qualified specialists in dramatic art, well-grounded on extensive historical and educational experience;

keeping and augmentation of learning, teaching and research capacity in the key activities, proper use of rich artistic heritage of school founders;

establishing a special creative and cultural atmosphere, particularly characteristic ofthe Vakhtangov School, teaching young people of art to use soft power approach in dis-closing their creative capacity;

wise and proper use of innovative methods and technologies;

carrying out entrepreneurial activity in compliance with the legislation of the Russian

Federation, aimed at further development of study programs, training courses, further education programmes, internships and further training, enhancing and updating the teaching and learning processes in order to develop a well-rounded personality.

Programme presentation. The study Programme “The Art of Acting” (actor of drama theatre and cinema, actor of music theatre) is the brand of the Department. The programme is truly unique due to the “Stagecraft” discipline that is taught on a simple-to-complex logics and application of unique individual approach in training students. The programme focuses on stage attention, muscle freedom, imagination and fantasy development, speechless sketches, fact evaluation sketches, observations, image sketches (based on artworks), educational fragments and graduation plays.

The core curriculum courses (Stagecraft, Stage Speech, Stage Movement, Music Appreciation, etc.) are closely interlinked in order to guarantee the maximum result to students and to develop their artistic and stage individualities. The international student share is 12% of the total number of students that makes up altogether 32 international students form Latvia, the USA, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Lithuania. The Institute cooperates with likewise institutes abroad and practices academic exchanges. The Institute has Cooperation Agreements with the Centre for Arts (London, Great Britain), Centre for International Education of Moscow State University (Geneva, Switzerland), Academy of Music and Theatre (Kishinev, Moldova), MiddleburyCollege (Virginia, the USA), The French National Conservatory of Music (Paris, France) and others.

The most prestigious internationally acknowledged reward is the “Golden Lion” awarded to the Institute at the 38th Venice International Film Festival (2006). In the re-cent years, the Institute has participated in over 30 international festivals and competitions, has received 18 rewards including first, and second place prizes.

Teaching staff. The highly qualified teaching staffmake sure the students’ successful training results in the stage professionalism of the prospective actors of the Russian theatre.

The educational process is administered by the Rector and three Vice Rectors, two of them are PhD Degree holders.

Honoured Art Workers of the Russian Federation, a Doctor of Arts, a Candidate of Arts and a National Artist are involved in teaching. All of them have an academic title of Professor.

All the teachers, including the ones involved in the Art of Acting Programme con-duct regular workshops and practical training classes, open lectures both in Russia and abroad. The teaching staff of the Institute actively participates in different international professional events, competitions, festivals, delivers seminars aimed at dissemination and promotion of the VakhtangovSchool heritage.

Competitiveness of students and interaction with employers are based on the specific character of the education obtained. Most graduates’ successful carrier is the proof of high quality of training. The graduates of the Programme are employed in most Moscow theatres as well as theatres in other Russian towns and cities. Graduates are also involved in motion picture and screen performances.

As a whole, the structure of students training at the Institute completely corresponds to the requirements imposed by the state license and State Educational Standards. The level of students’ training is traditionally very high, which provides them with a variety of opportunities in art work and promotes their job and carrier growth as well as further professional development.

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