Best Educational Programs: LINGUISTICS


Faculty of Russian Philology and Foreign Languages

Bachelor’s program


PITOLINA, Nataliia Valerevna

Program Director


Awards and achievements of the educational program. The program was top ranked within the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia in 2017.

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HISTORY - Bachelor’s program  

PHILOLOGY - Bachelor’s program

LAW - Bachelor’s program

Teaching staff. Thirty-two teachers are involved in the program delivery. Sixty-five percent of the teaching staff hold academic degrees and titles including 94% Candidates of Sciences and 6% Doctors of Sciences.

University partners within the educational program. Ferrum College (USA), Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia), Narva College of the University of Tartu (Estonia), College of Education at North Carolina State University (USA), Goethe Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia), French Institute in Russia (St. Petersburg, Russia), Humboldt-Gymnasium (Germany), University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

Students’ achievements. Students annually take part in international student research conference PPCY (Pedagogics, Public Sector, Culture, Youth Work) hosted by the Narva College of the University of Tartu (Estonia). V. Semenov, enrolled in the program, was an exchange student at Ferrum College (USA) for the autumn semester from September, 2016 to December, 2016. The college is located in Roanoke (USA), which is the sister city of Pskov. T. Zadoia, the program alumna, won in the all-Russian literary translation competition of the British prose.

Facilities and resources. The University features a language laboratory, five multimedia classrooms, a computer classroom with the internet access used for foreign language workshops. Students benefit from unlimited access to several e-library systems.

Opportunities for students. In the course of studies students undergo different kinds of practical training sessions: academic, on-the-job placement, predegree training. Training sessions take place at the premises of the following institutions: Pskov Department of the Russian Children Foundation, the Department for Implementation of cross-border cooperation programs under the Pskov Administration, the Department for International Cooperation and Hanseatic Movement of the Pskov State Duma, international student office, the Department of International Affairs and Inter-Academic Cooperation of Pskov State University, Sofia Tour Agency (Pskov), Diva Pskov Travel Saloon.

Students are actively involved in national and international academic mobility projects and programs including the all-Russian literary translation competition of the British prose, the International Student Research Conference PPCY (Pedagogics, Public Sector, Culture, Youth Work), the longstanding exchange program implemented jointly by PskovStateUniversity and Ferrum College (USA), etc.

Employment prospects. Specialist in translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.