Best Educational Programs: PROGRAMME ENGINEERING


Faculty of Computer Technology, Computer Engineering and Energy

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme

Postgraduate programme


MUSTAFEV, Arslan Gasanovich



Programme presentation. A programming specialist is one of the up-market and well-paid specialties in the world, in-demand in all spheres of public administration and business activities. “Programme Engineering” offer graduates good opportunities of self-realization in professional activity, which includes development of software programmes, management of projects, user interface design and others. Among the teachers involved in the educational process are 9 Doctors and 33 Candidates of Sciences including five Honoured Scientists of RF and RD.

The implementation of the programme is carried out at the Faculty of Computer Technology, Computer Engineering and Energy, which is supplied with necessary material and technical resources for training of highly-qualified specialists. 11 computer class-rooms are equipped with modern technology; the departments have 15 academic and research laboratories. The Faculty founded a special laboratory of periodic and first editions in computer technologies.

The Faculty maintains close cooperation with other HEIs and research institutions of Russia: the BaumanMoscowStateTechnicalUniversity, The Program Systems Institute of RAS and others. Graduates wishing to do research may continue their education in the Master’s programme and Postgraduate programme.

Competitiveness of students. Many students of the Faculty, who combine excel-lent performance in studies and research, represent the University and participate in all-Russian Olympiads and competitions in programming, electric engineering, mathematics, physics and other disciplines. Among students are scholarship holders of Russian President, Russian Government, Government of the Republic of Dagestan and other funds and authorities.

Upon completion of the study, graduates have good opportunities of employment in all spheres of industry, education, health care system, management and business. Some are known in Russia and abroad as highly qualified specialists.

Interaction with employers. Training is carried out in cooperation with such high-tech enterprises as JSC “Ruselectronics”, CJSC “Dagincom”, JSC “Saphir”, JSC “Azimut” and JSC “Gadzhiev Plant”. Due to these connections, students can have work experience not only at the departments and laboratories of the University but also in enterprises.