Department of Data Collection and Data Processing Systems

Bachelor’s programme


PROKHORENKO, Evgeny Valerievich

Head of Department


Programme presentation. This training course is a part of a priority area of development of science, technologies and engineering in the Russian Federation. In the course of educational process students study not only general engineering disciplines but also mod-ern software tools, which include operating systems, programming languages, data base management systems, web-applications development systems and others.

The educational process is provided with modern computer facilities developed by the leading international companies: Intel, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Adobe and others. The Authorized Educational Centre “National Instruments” created at the department possesses first-class equipment and software development tools of computerized systems for different subject areas.

Teaching staff. 5 professors and 6 assistant professors work at the Department of Data Collection and Data Processing Systems. All teachers are involved in research into the sphere of creation of new programme systems and technologies. Members of the leading institutes and companies of the Siberian Federal District, SB RAS participate in the delivery of the educational programme.

Competitiveness of students. Students undertake internships in the leading IT organizations of Novosibirsk and Siberian Region. Those, who want to succeed in science, carry out research activities at the department and leading scientific centres and institutes of SB RAS as well as continue their study in the postgraduate programme.

Graduates of the educational programme are prepared to carry out research, operating, servicing, organizational, managerial and innovative activity. They are highly demanded in organizations specializing in design, creation and operation of information systems: in research and educational institutions, municipal and local administration, banks, commercial companies, at large IT and defence companies.

Generally, young specialists work in research, design and industrial companies as designers of different information systems, operating and software systems, data processing centres and safety systems; they are employed as system engineers, design engineers and managers in the development and implementation of innovative projects in IT sphere. Many graduates open their own companies or work in government bodies.