Best Educational Programs: APPLIED INFORMATICS


Faculty of Energy

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


MIROSHNIKOV, Srgey Filippovich



HEI’s image.TransbaikalStateUniversity is a contemporary competitive HEI of Transbaikal Region. It offers training, which complies with international quality standards. The University is on its way to become one of the leading national educational institutions in fundamental and applied research in the field of technical, natural and humanitarian sciences. The University preserves and develops best traditions of the Russian higher school. The HEI is continuously developing and is striving to become a strategic centre of education, science and culture of the region and the state.

Programme presentation. The Faculty of Energy of Transbaikal State University trains specialists for the regional economy. Students acquire professional competencies in informatics; they create, implement, analyse and support subject-oriented systems in economy.

The University offers an opportunity to study in the HEIs of South Korea (GyeongsangNationalUniversity) and People’s Republic of China (Shandong Institute of Business and Technology).

Teaching staff. The teachers of the major Department of Applied Informatics and Mathematics conduct research work in: computers, mathematical modelling and mathematical methods in research work; theory and methods of teaching (according to specialties); economics and management of national economy. The topics of the works are important and competitive.

Research activity is conducted in the frameworks of national and international grants, specifically: the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Scientific Humanitarian Foundation, USAID, ANPED, and the Danish Organization for Renewable Energy, the Open Society Institute, UNED UK, Central European University, the Global Environment Facility, IREX, World Bank, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and ESRI. The Department has in place a students’ research laboratory of multimedia technologies.

Competitiveness of students. Students of the Faculty participate in conferences, Olympiads and competitions of different levels and win prizes. Students publish their works. Every year about 10% of the Faculty’s students graduate with honours.

Interaction with employers. Demand for the Programme’s specialists exceeds the number of graduates for more than 20%. Young specialists are employed in state authority bodies, financial and research institutions, enterprises of energy sector and other companies of different regions of Russia.