Faculty of Mobile Radio Communication and Multimedia

Bachelor’s programme


KATUNIN, Gennady Pavlovich



Programme presentation. The study programme is a relatively new area of training at the Faculty, which is delivered within the profile “Information Technologies in Media Industry”. Objects of graduates’ activity are programmes of audio and video editing, advertising, audio and video production, and computer data processing, maintenance of multimedia information systems, design and websites. Graduates have skills in computer graphics, design of mass media, 3D-technologies, development and design of Web-structures, presentations and animated graphics, multimedia equipment and tech-nologies of audiovisual programme development.

All students and teachers have access to the Internet and the State Public Scientific and Technical Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); TV and multimedia projects are being been implemented and a business-incubator is available.

Graduates are demanded in advertising companies, agencies, photo, TV and video studios and mass media.

Teaching staff. Many teachers including Doctors and Candidates of Sciences are leading specialists in multimedia technologies. Among them are V. Sedinin, professor; L. Zabelin, A. Borisov, S. Goncharov, assistant professors. Training multimedia laboratories and a TV studio are available; there are research schools under the guidance of researchers from the leading institutes of the Siberian Branch of the RAS.

Competitiveness of students is defined by their practical skills in implementing specific multimedia projects. Within the business-incubator the following projects are being implemented: educational and information 3D-area for NSTU, virtual tour around SibSUTI, the interactive portal of the Departments of CAD systems, animated lead-ins for RBC-Novosibirsk channel programmes and a virtual TV-studio for the Department of CAD systems. Senior students take part in Olympiads in Computer Graphics and research contests.

Interaction with employers. Students are placed for work experience in major advertising and TV companies of Novosibirsk: LLC “Siberian Advertising Trust”, LLC “IT Contacts”, television studio “MIR”, television studio “OTS”, LLC “AML Systems” and advertising agency “Agency of Events”. As a rule, graduates get full-time employment in the companies, where they were placed for work experience.