Department of Information Technologies and Computer-Aided Systems

Bachelor’s programme


FAIZRAKHMANOV, Rustam Abubakirovich



Programme presentation. Educational specialization “Computer Machinery, Complexes, Networks, and Systems” is targeted at training highly qualified multifunctional IT-specialists, developers of computers, high-performance systems, software and hardware systems, computing networks and components of automated control systems. Students of the programme acquire competencies in designing hardware for different purposes, applied, system- and Web-programming, and Internet technologies.

Fields of professional activity: design and engineering activity, design and technologic activity, research, academic activity, installation and adjusting work, and servicing.

The department is equipped with necessary study and research laboratories, academic literature, licensed software. The Programme’s graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies as master students and postgraduates.

The acquired skills and knowledge enable students to work in different spheres of development, support and service of software, computer hardware and microprocessor control systems, intellectual technologies of data processing and making decisions.

Competitiveness of students. Students participate in the Department’s research projects – smart home, robototechnics, bridge crane simulator, data measuring systems of diagnostics in medicine, smart control systems of industrial equipment, computer simulator systems of special purposes, optimal cutting of materials and other. Students of the Department take part in national and international Olympiads, competitions, exhibitions – “Archimedes”, PRIS, Microsoft Imagine Cup, international Olympiads in high-level languages and programming of microcontrollers, Oracle, IT-Planet, the national competition of thesis works and other; take prize-winning places. The Department participates in the student exchange programme with Vienna University of Technology.

Interaction with employers. Graduates of the Programme work in leading IT-companies of Russia and other countries, are engaged in development, implementation and servicing of information technologies. They can hold positions of a software engineer, electronics engineer, and engineer of automated control systems, engineer of installation and testing, administrator of computer networks, specialist in computer automation of technologic processes and other positions compatible with the qualification.