Best Educational Programs: LAW


Faculty of Law

Bachelor’s program


SIDOROV, Vasilii Petrovich

Program Director


Teaching staff. The teaching staff of the faculty are highly qualified and experienced employees of internal affairs bodies, courts, public prosecution and advocacy offices. Members of other university departments are also involved in the program delivery. Over 70% of the teaching staff hold academic degrees and titles.

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University partners within the educational program.BelarusStateUniversity, law enforcement bodies of the Pskov Region. On a contractual basis students may undergo their practical training in the Arbitrary Court, Chamber of Lawyers of the Pskov Region, public prosecution office and other legal entities. In close cooperation with the regional department of the Association of Russian Lawyers and the Electoral Commission of the Pskov Region the faculty organizes research conferences, contests of students’ works, and different competitions in law. Students attend election campaigns as observers.

Students’ achievements. In 2016 students of the Faculty of Law took part in the Federal Internet Exam for Bachelor students in order to assess the skills mastered within the program and check their compliance with the Federal State Educational Standard in the Law major. The students scored high in this exam: 17% of participants got gold certificates, 17%—silver certificates, 41%—bronze certificates and 25% got certificates of participants.

In 2017 the results of the internet examination for Bachelor students were as follows: seven percent of participants got gold certificates, 19%—silver certificates, 37%—bronze certificates and 37% got certificates of participants.

Facilities and resources. The university has adequate and sufficient facilities and resources for the program implementation. Students have dormitories, a swimming pool, a sports hall, computer classrooms, a forensics laboratory, a court room and a library at their disposal.

Opportunities for students. There is a student governing unit at the faculty. Students take an active part in sports and cultural events, implement projects, participate in social activities depending on their abilities and interests. Students may choose to study by the individual learning trajectories or participate in academic mobility programs implemented by PskovStateUniversity and other national and international educational institutions.

Employment prospects. Attorney, inquiry officer, notary, assistant judge, court enforcement officer, company lawyer, specialist in crime detection, prosecutor, officer of internal affairs bodies and other law enforcement agencies, personnel officer.

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