Department of Computer Music

Master’s program


ULIANICH, Viktor Stepanovich

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. The program underwent international professional-public accreditation.

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Teaching staff. The teaching staff of the Department of Computer Music and Arrangement provides high-quality and all-round training. The department staff include Professors V.S. Ulianich and V.G. Kikta, Associate Professors A.Iu. Dzhangvaladze, V.B. Dovgan, I.A. Kainova, V.G. Peshniak. They are laureates of all-Russian and international competitions, holders of state titles and awards.

Academy partners within the educational program. The Russian Harp Society, the Moscow Composers’ Union, Petrovskaya Academy of Science and Arts, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the Casio company.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. The students are laureates of the All-Russian Competition of Electronic and Computer Music in the category of Computer Arrangement and in the category of Composition Using a Synthesizer or Music Software Applications (A. Sarzhant, A. Mukhametrakhimova in 2014), in the category of Music Computer Technologies (Composition) (A. Vasina in 2016), the International V.V. Khramov Vocal Art Competition in the category of Young Composers (A. Sarzhant, E. Zharova in 2015, N. Naimova in 2016).

A. Sarzhant was awarded diplomas of the Ninth Moscow Festival “Harp Art of Russia” (2013) and the Eighth Moscow Student Science Conference (2013).

E. Zharova is a laureate of the III international festival competition “Musical Electronics and Multimedia” in the category of Studio Multimedia Projects (2015), the second all-Russian music competition of soundtracks for animated video films “Music and Video Animation” (2015), the 20th International Competition of Young Composers (2015), a laureate of the International Competition of Composers and Arrangers named after I.O. Dunayevsky (2016).

Facilities and resources. The academy has all necessary facilities, resources and conditions for comfortable training.

Opportunities for students. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies and traditional courses and methodologies yield practical results in students’ creative activity which allows them to efficiently integrate themselves into the modern musical professional environment and to be in great demand. Students majoring in composition and arrangement fulfill professional artistic assignments to create music and arrangements for performances, audio books, motion pictures and TV movies using computer music tools. They often get awards and prizes for their works.

Employment prospects. Composer, arranger, teacher of theoretical courses.

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