Economic Security in Dagestan State Technical University


Dagestan State Technical University

Department of Economic Security, Taxation and Business Informatics

Specialist's program


SHAKHBANOVA Inara Kadirovna

Head of the Department

Achievements and awards. This program underwent professional-public accreditation in 2015. The Department of Economic Security is the winner of All-Russian contest of departments and educational programs “Economics and Management.”

Teaching staff. The highly qualified teaching staff includes five Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors and four Candidates of Sciences, Assistant Professors as well as leading practitioners of various sectors of national economy. The teachers improve their qualification and undertake work placement at enterprises, organizations and educational institutions as well as at the Faculty of Advanced Training and Professional Retraining.

Facilities and resources. The university has educational and research institutions, centers, design offices and laboratories. It established the specialized departments in industries, determined the sites for practice-oriented training taking into account particular characteristics of enterprises. The university has the Center for State-of-the-Art Information Technology with the supercomputer (the HPProliant computer cluster).

Research. Research is conducted in the following areas: economic security of society, state and person, economic agents; forensic expert activity related to court proceedings, prevention, solution and investigation of law violations in the field of economics; economic and socio-economic activity of economic agents, economic, finance, production and economic and analytical departments of organizations, establishments, and enterprises of various forms of incorporation, state and municipal authorities, competitive intelligence, etc.

Education. The teachers use state-of-the-art educational models and technologies: visualization lectures, round tables, discussions, brainstorming, designing, games, simulation exercises, case study.

Strategic partners. The university maintains business relationships with research institutes, enterprises and organizations of various sectors of national economy, leading foreign HEIs including Tianjin University (China), Alfred Nobel University (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Kazakh National Agrarian University, University of Economics-Varna (Bulgaria), P.O.Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel (Belarus), and others.

Competitive advantages. The teaching staff is experienced. Students have an opportunity to get supplementary education and choose an individual educational path.

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