Banking and Finance in North-Caucasus Federal University


North-Caucasus Federal University

Department of Banking and Finance

Master's program


KUNITSYNA Natalia Nikolaevna

Head of the Department

Awards and achievements. In 2014 this program obtained international professional-public accreditation for six years. In 2014 the department won the contest held by the Free Economic Society of Russia "The Best Department of Economics."

Teaching staff. The teaching staff includes seven Doctors of Sciences and 18 Candidates of Sciences. Four employers are engaged in the educational process. The teachers conduct research on the integrated topic "Financial and credit mechanism of the regional development in the context of market relations."

Facilities and resources. The facilities and resources allow teachers to conduct all kinds of classes. There are practical training laboratories: Mini-Bank for training specialists of front and back offices of credit companies; Mini-Exchange, a salesroom with 15 terminals equipped with the QUIK software package providing access to stock trading.

Research. The main research areas include the following: municipal finance management; public debt management; monetary policy and e-money; digitization of economy and financial sector; budgeting and controlling management in organizations; tools and methods of effective budgetary policy development.

Education. The following active and interactive teaching methods are used: interactive seminars, discussions, computer simulations, business games and role plays, case study. Employers are engaged in the development of educational programs.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the Moscow Exchange, Sberbank of Russia, Bank of Russia, and other organizations. It also maintains partnership relations with foreign universities such as Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) (the double degree program in Corporate Finance), the University of Lisbon (Portugal), the University of Trento (Italy).

International projects and programs. Since 2014 the department staff has been implementing the project "Improvement of Financial Literacy of the Population." It annually holds the school olympiad "With Knowledge of Economics – towards Financial Well-Being" and the All-Russian Student Olympiad "Securities Market." The department annually organizes the international WinterBusinessSchool "Digital Economy, Management and Finance: Professional Skills Development of Modern Manager." Students are prize winners and laureates of international events. The supplementary educational program in Economics, Management and Finance is jointly implemented with Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) and the University of Lisbon. The languages of this program are Russian, English, and Portuguese.

Competitive advantages. The program is approved and positively reviewed by employers. Graduates are in great demand on the labor market, hold managerial positions at companies, government agencies, banks.

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