Psychology in Kozma Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University

Bachelor's program


Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy,

Department of Practical Psychology



Head of the Department


Tel. +7 831 262 20 53, ext. 191



Awards and achievements. The program is annually recognized as the leader of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia, has an international review by the Belarusian State Pedagogical University.

Teaching staff. The educational process is carried out by four Professors, Doctors of Sciences, 20 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences. Among them are specialists in the effects of music on mental development, in Waldorf pedagogy, art therapy, art technologies, and social psychological training, a certified gestalt therapist, a psychoanalyst, practicing psychologists.

Facilities and resources. Modern well-equipped laboratories and project classrooms, electronic educational environment.

Research. Safe educational environment and conditions for its creation in educational organizations of various types; well-being, life satisfaction, mental health, development of children and families; psychological and psychophysiological patterns of development of a modern child in a digital society; development of the creative and intellectual potential of a child in general education.

Education. The educational program is aimed at training the skills of psychological-pedagogical support of educational process at the organizations of general, professional and supplementary education. The bachelor's degree students practice educational and prevention work and psychodiagnostics as part of the expertise and social psychological services, correctional measures with individuals of various ages and social groups.

Strategic partners. The Otrazhenie Psychology Center, the  Zhuravushka Regional Center of Social Help for Family and Children, the Lastochka Rehabilitation Center for Minors, the Brigantina Regional Rehabilitation Center, Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Help Center of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, schools of the city.

Competitive advantages. The graduates' high level of training guarantees 100% demand on the employment market, many do scientific research work and are academic degree holders. Opportunity to continue studying for Master's and PhD degrees.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. The website is available in the English, Spanish, and Chinese languages. The students are offered accommodation at comfortable dormitories.

International Education and Cooperation Center:, tel.: +7 831 436 03 92.

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