Special (Defectologic) Education in Kozma Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University

Bachelor's program, Master's program


Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy,

Department of Special Psychology and Pedagogy




Head of the Department

Tel. +7 831 439 01 12

E-mail: Kashtanova_sn@mininuniver.ru


Awards and achievements. The programs are recognized in the international community and are on the registry of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Teachers and students participated in the implementation of the following projects: "Monitoring and Information-Analytical Support of the Activity of Resource Centers of Higher Education for Disabled People," "Module Engineering of Personalized Training of Future Teachers at University," social project "Mental Health."

Teaching staff. The educational process is carried out by three Doctors and 11 Candidates of Sciences, as well as Professors of the Russian Academy of Education, members of the Expert Council at Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation in Pedagogy and Psychology, principals and leading teachers of educational organizations of the city and the region.

Facilities and resources. Special equipment at the laboratory "Neuropedagogical Research and Cognitive Technologies," modern multimedia classrooms.

Research. Psychology and pedagogy of mental health, communicative activity approach to the analysis of speech disorders, comprehensive support of the activities of resource and autonomous classes for children with ASD, a systematic analysis of writing disorders in schoolchildren, a neuropsychological approach to the diagnosis of children with disabilities, problems of socialization of children and adolescents in the conditions of onto- and dysontogenesis.

Education. Innovative educational technologies: case study, "flipped classroom," collaborative, problem and multilevel learning, brainstorming and development of critical thinking, technologies of projecting and modeling, Swot analysis, training.

Strategic partners. Educational organizations of the city and region, Privolzhsky Research Medical University, Moscow State Psychological-Pedagogical University, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russian State Pedagogical University, Mordovia State Pedagogical University,  I.Yakovlev CHSPU, Byelorussian State Pedagogical University, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Taraz State Pedagogical Institute.

International projects and programs. Annual Forum (AIESEC), participation in programs, associations and educational exhibitions of European community and partners in Russian Federation: Association of Eastern European Universities, BeginGroup, Erasmus, Atakent Expo, Saint Petersburg State University of Trade and Economy.

Competitive advantages. Highly qualified teaching staff, participation of employers in the implementation of the programs, Student Science-Practical Club "Pelikanovskiy Spetsnaz." The obtained knowledge allows the students to start a business of their own and carry out social entrepreneurship in the educational sphere.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. International Education and Cooperation Center: international@mininuniver.ru, tel.: +7 831 436 03 92.

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