Best Educational Programs: MATHEMATICS


Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Master’s programme


NAATS, Viktoriya Igorevna

Research Advisor of the Master’s programme


HEI’s image. The graduates-mathematicians of the North-Caucasus Federal University are demanded qualified specialists. They normally work in Stavropol, the North Caucasus and South Federal Districts as well as in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other Russian cities. Professional interests of the graduates include research work and work in the sphere of high-tech areas of industry, which implies the application of mathematical knowledge and the skills of software implementation of computational algorithms for complex tasks based on the technology of parallel computing.

Programme presentation. Each student is provided with educational and research literature and has access to e-learning resources. The Institute has in place its own research base, in particular, at the Department of Mathematical Analysis, which implements the Master’s degree programme in “Computational Mathematics” in the area of training 01.04.00 “Mathematics”; there is the Educational and Research Centre of Computational Mathematics and Programming on Supercomputers. The centre is provided with appropriate technical and software tools.

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Teaching staff. All teachers in the specialized disciplines have academic degrees and titles; the average staff age is 45. Most teachers in the given area of training are Doctors of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and professors. The high level of Research and Pedagogical school is evidenced by the appropriate research achievements, published in monographs, articles, research reports on the implementation of grants.

Competitiveness of students. Upon completion of the Bachelor’s programme in “Mathematics”, students are enrolled in Master’s programme following the results of an interview on condition of having a high average score in the State Attestation. Bachelors in other areas of training are enrolled in the Master’s programme on the completion of entrance exams. Prospective Masters in Mathematics participate successfully in international research conferences, grant competitions and obtain scholarships of the President and the Government of the RF as well as the Governor and the Government of the Stavropol Region.

Interaction with employers. The educational programme is approved and reviewed by the regional employers. The programme’s development involved the leading specialists in the field of mathematical modelling and computational mathematics. Every year the University in cooperation with partner employers carries out events at the Russian and international levels.

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