Programme presentation. The programme has been implemented at the University since 2011 and is aimed at the development of a modern system of professional education and training of a new type of civil servants who focus on meeting the public interests in strict compliance with the law and corporate culture, who possess competences in providing services to the population and business and in cooperation with the structures of the civil society.

The programme provides development of skills of analytical and project activities in the course of research, study and integration of the best practices of public administration and project development and protection.

The Faculty is supplied with all training facilities: lecture rooms and computer class-rooms with the Internet access. The Department of Foreign Languages contributes to more profound language training of graduates.

Graduates have an opportunity to continue education in the Master’s programmes in “Public Administration”, “Management”, “Document Science and Archival Science”, “Tourism” and then in the Postgraduate programme in “Economics”.

Teaching staff. Training is carried out by professors and assistant professors of the Department of Economic Theory and State Management who have specialization in the sphere of economics, management, legal studies, political and social sciences and public administration. Research work carried out by the Department often receive grants of the RHSF, the RFBR and the FTP of the Ministry of Science of the Russian Federation. Teachers have high publication activity and high citation index in the RSCI.

Competitiveness of students. The main curriculum provides integration of research activities of students and the educational process based on projects of research work carried out by the scientific school of the University “Regional Institutional Systems”. The Faculty arranges research events which help students to prepare for their future profession.

Interaction with employers. The training of students is carried out throughout the study process in cooperation with potential employers. The process of education involves specialists who work in public administration bodies and give master classes. Work experience in the organizations of public administration provides the implementation of mission-oriented projects of special social problems of the region.

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