Best Educational Programs: PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION


Institute of Economics and Management

Bachelor’s programme


KALYUGINA, Svetlana Nikolaevna

Head of the Programme


HEI’s image. Graduates in Public Administration of the NCFU are highly demanded on the labour market of the North Caucasus Federal District. The number of requests of employers for the employment of the graduates averages about 60% of the total number of graduates in this area. Professional training of Bachelors is focused on the formation of the economically and juridically competent and socially responsible person.

Programme presentation. Educational resources of the programme provide the necessary conditions for independent academic and research work of students. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia facilities, language laboratories, computers and software. The library fund is diversified and has 1378 thousand copiers including almost 560 thou-sand copies of educational literature and 236 thousand copies of learning and teaching literature.

International cooperation is developing actively; scientific links are established and maintained with the International Academy of Management and Technologies (INTAMT, Germany), VU University Amsterdam (Holland), the Institute of Economics NAS of Belarus (Minsk, Belarus).

Teaching staff. 95% of the teaching staff which delivers the study programme have academic degrees including 18% of Doctors of Sciences. Many of the teachers hold state awards, honorary titles and diplomas of the RF Government, the Ministry of Education and Science, regional and municipal authorities, major companies of the North Caucasus Federal District and are prize winners of contests and exhibitions.

Competitiveness of students. The average passing grade of applicants in the Unified State Exam is 67 points. Students participate successfully in olympiads, professional con-tests and conferences. Every year a number of students are awarded the grants of the RF President and Government, the Governor of the Stavropol Region and various educational funds.

Interaction with employers. This programme is approved by the regional employers who are involved in the educational process delivery, placement for work experience and work of the State Attestation Commissions. In cooperation with the Government of the Stavropol Region, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance of the Stavropol Region the University annually conducts roundtable discussions, forums and meetings with students.

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