Best Educational Programs: ECONOMICS


Institute of Economics and Management

Master’s programme


GORLOV, Sergey Mikhailovich

Head of the Programme


HEI’s image. The North-CaucasusFederalUniversity alumni-economists are specialists, possessing both fundamental knowledge in their field of studies and extensive practical experience. Master graduates usually take the leading positions in economic subdivisions of enterprises and organizations in different sectors and companies with various types of ownership.

Programme presentation. The most significant characteristic feature of the programme is its individual approach to identifying Master students’ research interests. Applied disciplines are taught using interactive teaching methods, training exercises and role-playing games. The process of education is carried out by highly qualified researchers, specialists and experts in the field of contemporary economics.

Beginning from 2014 the Master programme “Economics of a Company” is implemented as a network programme by a number of partner universities, which broadens the educational environment and creates favourable conditions for student academic mobility.

Teaching staff. One hundred per cent of the teaching staff involved in the programme implementation have Degrees of Candidates and Doctors of Sciences, including 38% Doctors of Sciences. Thirty per cent of the teaching staff are practitioners from the real sector of economy.

The teaching staff regularly updates their pedagogical mastery in the world leading educational centres in Russia and abroad. The high level of teaching is confirmed with numerous awards obtained from educational and research events of different levels.

Competitiveness of students. Prospective Masters of Economics take an active part in professional contests and international internships. Some students, who have distinguished academic and research results, are awarded Potanin’s and Stavropol Governor’s Scholarships.

Interaction with employers. The program is approved and highly appreciated by the regional professional community. In order to align theoretical knowledge with real-life practice, the educational process involves leading specialists from enterprises, research institutions and international partners, who hold round table discussions, problem lectures, workshops and other interactive classes.

Graduate economists are in high demand at the labour market and make successful careers in economics. Ninety eight per cent of graduates are employed straight after graduation, which testifies to the high quality of Masters’ training.

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