Best Educational Programs: BUSINESS INFORMATICS


Faculty of Information Systems

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


SARKAROV, Tadzhydyn Ekberovich



Programme presentation. Business Informatics is one of the youngest and promising specialties of modern higher education, a new sphere of professional activity which is formed at the confluence of economics, management, information and communications technologies.

The Faculty of Information Systems of the DagestanStateTechnicalUniversity is sup-plied with modern material and technical resources for training highly-qualified specialists. The Faculty provides students and teachers with four computer classrooms and a language room equipped with the latest technology, curriculum offices for writing term papers and graduation theses and a laboratory for economic studies of the drilling process in oil and gas industry. Interactive whiteboards, plasma TVs, DVD-players, a sound sys-tem and a video library of modern tutorials are also used in the educational process. In the course of study, students acquire a set of research, pedagogical and practical skills.

Teaching staff. The educational process is provided by highly-qualified teaching staff. The teachers of the Faculty participate in research conferences organized at the regional, national and international levels. Over 60 teachers including three professors, one Doctor of Science, 32 Candidates of Science and 12 assistant professors are involved in the implementation of the educational programme.

Competitiveness of students. Graduates who completed their courses in this programme possess broad opportunities for career development and employment in the enterprises of different economic sectors of the country. They are in-demand in state and private enterprises, research design and project organizations as well as in state and municipal administrative bodies and social infrastructure of the national economy.

Interaction with employers. Education is carried out in cooperation with such enterprises and authorities of the republic as the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Dagestan, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Dagestan, the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Dagestan, the Institute of Social and Economic Research of Dagestan Scientific Centre of RF, the Financial and Economic administra-tion of towns and regions, LLC “Sigma”, CJSC “Dagestanregiongas”, LLC “Kvantum”, JSC “Aviaagregat”, LLC “”, LLC “Krepost Story”, the Republican State Broadcasting Company “Dagestan” and others.