Best Educational Programs: ECONOMICS


Institute of Economics and Management

Bachelor’s programme


USHVITSKY, Lev Isakovich

Head of the Institute



HEI’s image. The Institute of Economics and Management at the North-CaucasusFederalUniversity is the leading educational and research centre in the field of economics in the North Caucasus Federal District. The program offers its graduates ample opportunities for both further training in top HEI and successful professional career in business and governmental institutions.

Programme presentation. The University has well established and properly developed infrastructure aimed at providing high quality of academic, research and innovative activity of students and teachers. Students benefit from up-to-date library and information facilities. Active and interactive methods of teaching are widely used in the teaching and learning process. Lecturers from world leading educational canters are involved in the educational process. Being a part of the international academic community, the Institute cooperates with Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), Munich University of Technology, Zhangir-Khan West Kazakhstan Agricultural and Technical University, Belarus State Economic University and others.

The program is accredited by the international expert panel of the National Centre for Public Accreditation.

The Institute promotes lifelong learning opportunities for its students. Bachelors may continue their studies as Master students and Post Graduates, as well as enrol in further education short-term programs.

Teaching staff. Ninety nine per cent of the teaching staff involved in the programme implementation have Degrees of Candidates and Doctors of Sciences 20% of the staff hold the degree of Doctor of Sciences.

The teaching staff annually updates their pedagogical mastery in the world leading educational centres. The high level of teaching is confirmed with numerous awards and titles in education and science, as well as recognition by academic and public professional community.

Competitiveness of students. Prospective economists take an active part in subject specific Olympiads, research conferences, professional contests and various projects of international academic mobility (i.e. Erasmus Mundus). The best students are awarded Scholarships for distinguished academic and research results from Potanin’s, Gaidar’s, and the Governor’s endowments.

Interaction with employers. The program is approved and reviewed by the representatives of industry – partners of the North-CaucasusFederalUniversity. When implementing the Programme the leading specialists in the industry significantly contribute to the Programme by holding conferences, workshops, lectures and presentations (North-Caucasus Branch of the Russian Federation Central Bank, Chamber of Control and Accounts, JSC “Rostelecom”, etc.).