Best Educational Programs: MANAGEMENT


Faculty of Economics

Bachelor’s programme


MOROZOVA, Elena Alexeevna



Programme presentation. At present different types of activity and processes, material and non-material assets, social phenomena and people are in need of a qualified management. Thus, managerial knowledge is necessary for those students oriented towards a successful career and proactive attitude.

The educational programmes in “Management” form corresponding competences with in different management subjects: “Marketing” – the study of consumer satisfaction and settlement of problems which leads to a company’s success and provides benefit to society; “Human Resources Management” – human resources management at different levels (country, region, domain, municipal institution, organization, department); “Financial Management” –financial ow management at different levels and in different spheres of activity.

Teaching staff. The educational process is provided by teachers with a great experience in teaching, research and management who have degrees of Candidates and Doctors of Sciences and also by invited specialists of the real sector of economy who give master classes, special courses and seminars and review qualification papers.

Competitiveness of students. One of the advantages of this Programme consists in the active cooperation of the Faculty of Economics with employers. It helps students to have work experience and then obtain employment in the leading enterprises of the region and the country as well as abroad. The research school in the programme “Management” is the fundamental base for teachers and students to carry out research. The graduates of the Bachelors’ programme may continue education at a higher level (Master’s programme, Postgraduate programme, Doctoral programme) and undertake internship in European HEIs.

Interaction with employers. The graduates of this programme are qualified and in-demand specialists. As a rule, they work in government and local authorities, administration of budget and business companies, financial, accounting and marketing departments, business organizations, financial and credit organizations, consulting and audit companies.