Best Educational Programs: BUSINESS INFORMATICS


Department of Business Informatics

Bachelor’s programme


ALTUKHOVA, Natalya Faridovna

Head of the Department


Programme presentation. The FinancialUniversity under the Government of the Russian Federation has met today’s challenges and has included a program in Business Informatics into the list of the programs on offer. The concentration in IT Management for Business will be introduced in 2014/2015 academic year.

One of the program distinguishing features is the multidisciplinary approach that is used. It combines management, economic and computer science and is designed to form professional competences of the graduates in the field of IT management.

Training of bachelors has the following prioritized tasks: to acquire profound theoretical knowledge in the field of economics and management; to study modern methods of construction of data systems various classes; to gain hands-on experience when working with IT-solutions produced by the leading Russian and foreign vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM, 1C, Directum and others. Graduates’ competences are in line with the professional standards set in IT field and are relevant to the market requirements.

Teaching staff. Highly qualified teachers, up-to-date infrastructure that is necessary for the educational process and research and the professional development-oriented corporate culture build a good learning environment for the students and a good environment for the teaching staff to develop within the course of the program in Business Informatics.

Competitiveness of students. Research findings gained by the recruiting firms and analytical agencies show that the program graduates are in high demand on the labour market, that their competences can be applied to building information technology solutions for business, and to transformation of IT segment into the source of profit and strategic management. Students participate in trainings, grant competitions and gain their work experience. They are involved in different projects and get various professional certificates.

Interaction with employers. Great emphasis is put on the development of practice-oriented educational technologies such as master classes given by representatives of the Russian IT industry. Much attention is paid to the student and their research advisors’ participation in different projects conducted at the sites of the University industry partners. Leading IT vendors, IT system integrators and consulting companies contribute to the program implementation.