Pediatrics in Ivanovo State Medical Academy



Faculty of Pediatrics

Specialist's program


VOTIAKOVA, Olga Innokentevna


Current position rankings. According to the data obtained from the Monitoring of Quality of Admission to Russian Universities performed by National Research University Higher School of Economics, the academy took the 18th place among medical universities of Russia in 2018.

Achievements and awards. This program was ranked among the best programs of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia in 2017.

Teaching staff. The educational program is implemented by the highly qualified teachers including over 30 Doctors and 100 Candidates of Sciences, heads of medical institutions.

Facilities and resources. The clinical facilities are medical institutions of Ivanovo. The academy has its own clinic specializing in patient rehabilitation.

Research. The teachers do research in the following major areas: “Age-related peculiarities of health development depending on medical and social factors, state-of-the-art technologies of prediction, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in children,” “Development of new methods of prevention, prediction, treatment and rehabilitation in children and adults with surgical and orthopedic-traumatologic pathology.”

The academy publishes the scientific and practical journal “Bulletin of the Ivanovo Medical Academy,” included in the List of Russian peer-reviewed journals, which must publish key research insights of Doctor’s and Candidate’s theses, as well as in the Russian Science Citation Index and the research electronic library “Cyberleninka.”

Education. To successfully master the educational program, students can use classrooms, lecture halls, the simulation and accreditation center equipped with high-technology simulators and robotized manikins.

Strategic partners. The academy cooperates with the executive bodies of nine constituent entities of the Russian Federation and maintains contacts with the educational organizations of Uzbekistan and Latvia.

Competitive advantages. The academy has the highly professional team of like-minded colleagues, the union of young and experienced educators who introduce state-of-the-art educational technologies in the learning process.