Pharmacy in Samara State Medical University


Samara State Medical University

Faculty of Pharmacy


PETRUKHINA, Irina Konstantinovna




Awards and achievements of the educational program. The program successfully underwent expert evaluation at the Samara Regional Pharmaceutical Association which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by17 Doctors of Sciences, Professors or Associate Professors, 33 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors. Over 89% of the teaching staff have academic degrees.

Facilities and resources. There are specially equipped lecture halls, a self-access center, two computer classes with internet access, 25 classrooms with multimedia projection complexes, 20 specialized laboratories and rooms (including an educational pharmacy), one research laboratory (center), three specialized libraries, etc.

Research activities. The main research areas are related to the development of original natural and synthetic drugs as well as the issues of public drug supply improvement. The topic areas include pharmacognostic study and standardization of promising types of medicinal plant raw material, development of standard substances, technological, pharmacological and business aspects of development of Russian drug products. The university cooperates with the laboratory of plants and biotechnologies of University of Tours (France). It conducts research on medicinal plant raw material (common Saint-John's wort and maidenhair tree) in cooperation with SamaraNationalResearchUniversity named after academician S.P. Korolev.

Educational process. Modular design principles are widely used.

Strategic partners. The faculty cooperates with the following companies: Nizhpharm OJSC (Nizhny Novgorod), Biosintez OJSC (Penza), the Central Volga regional experimental station VILAR, Samaralektravy CJSC, Ozon LLC, the Progress Rocket Space Center, Samaramedprom OJSC, Pranapharm LLC; pharmaceutical companies (pharmacy chains): Vita LLC, Implozia LLC, Biomed LLC, Pharm SKD LLC (Samara); the Samara regional center for drug certification and quality control.

Participation in international projects and programs. SamaraStateMedicalUniversity is a member of the International Association for Medical Education in Europe. It cooperates with University of Stip (Macedonia), TashkentMedicalAcademy and Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, VitebskStateMedicalUniversity.

Competitive advantages. High-quality training of specialists and high demand for them are ensured by a high level of the teaching staff's professionalism, the leading academic pharmaceutical school, close relationship with practical pharmacy, cooperation with leading specialized universities.