Best Educational Programs: HEALTH CARE


Medical Institute

Specialist’s programme


KORENEV, Sergey Vladimirovich



Programme presentation. Our mission is to train highly-qualified specialists for public health care of Kaliningrad Region, creating conditions for high-tech medicine development. The academic process at the Institute makes provision for the students’ systematic studies, internal quality assurance, implementing promising and innovation training techniques, interaction with the employers and partnership institutions.

Our material and technical resources meet the highest European standards. The Institute has its clinical and diagnostic centre where the leading institute’s teachers and doctors of the major city’s hospitals see patients. Another clinical base is the RegionalClinicalHospital, EmergencyHospital, Regional Prenatal Centre, MilitaryHospital, etc.

In order to expand international relations partnership agreements with GdańskMedicalUniversity (Poland), KlaipedaUniversity (Lithuania), LubeckUniversity (Germany), and University of Turku (Finland) have been concluded. Of special importance is the Gold Standard Surgery Technological Project aimed at establishing a transborder system of training and further education of doctors in Kaliningrad Region and Warmian-Masurian province by founding a transborder training centre.

Teaching staff. Out of 82 members of staff, 78% are holders of academic degrees and titles. The majority of clinical disciplines teachers are certified high-rank specialists.

The staff members include Honoured Workers of Science and Education of the RussianAcademy of Natural Sciences, 3 Honoured Doctors of Russia, and 22 doctors of Higher Qualification. Leading medical specialists of foreign universities are invited to teach at the institute.

Competitiveness of students. The competition for state-funded places over the last years has increases 4.5 times. The winners of the Institute’s conferences represent the University at national and international conferences. Students’ research papers have won numerous awards.

Interaction with employers. The best doctors of Kaliningrad Region teach at the Institute, e.g. the Chief Surgeon of the region, Candidate of Medical Sciences I. Vaisbein, Chief Medical officer of Kaliningrad Children’s RegionalHospital, Doctor of Medical Sciences S. Maltsev and other doctors. The academic process takes place in the region’s hospitals and clinics, health centres, out-patient clinics.